Sunday, September 30, 2007

Trail Camera Highlights

I finally had the time to go out with Rick and check how many pictures we had on the trail camera near our deer hunting area. It's been out there since Sept. 16 and since I haven't showed Rick how it works yet (he's a good deer hunter, but stumped by technological stuff--except the TV and DVD remote) I still need to make the trip out there to open the camera, reset the picture counter, and exchange the compactflash card.

There weren't as many pictures on there as I thought there would be for the 2 week time period, but still a fair amount of activity. This area is kind of a crossroads for 3 distinct deer trails and right on the edge of their big cornfield feeding area. The deer using the trail most frequently are mostly does and fawns, but we did get pictures of a couple different bucks.

This small one (looks like a 6-pointer)

And this really nice large bodied 10-pointer

Who we thought looked very similar to this nice 8-pointer we got a picture of last year
Could it be the same buck? Note the time these photographs were taken. These big deer are smart and you very seldom see them in the daylight. We got pictures of 8 or 9 different bucks on the camera last year and never saw any of those bucks while we were out hunting.

You can see by the times printed on the pictures that these deer are moving around at all different times of the day and night.

Isn't it cool the way their eyes reflect the flash of the camera? It reminds me of "turn around bright eyes" from that old Bonnie Tyler music video for "Total Eclipse of the Heart." (remember that one?)

I've saved my favorite picture for last. See this little fawn and notice the few remaining spots on its flanks and shoulders? Now look at its posture....ears pricked forward and looking down toward something that's captured its attention. Follow the direction its looking towards.... Yup, right there in the bottom right corner of the picture.....showdown with a raccoon! I wish I had been there in person to see that! I wonder who ran away first? Looks like a pretty darn big raccoon!


Maud said...

Fascinating pictures! And the eyes of the racoon are as fixed on the fawn, as the fawn on the racoon.
I'm old enough to remeber the Bonnie Tyler song, but I'm not sure I've ever seen the music video.

Trixie said...

Go fawn, go! Thanks for showing us these. I am just beginning to think about these for my yard. We have ermine, lynx and brown bear that we never see, except for their tracks and poop.

Is your digital?

Jayne said...

What a neat way to see what is going on at all hours. That last photo is priceless!

MOM said...

Is that fawn ready to stamp it's hooves at that raccoon? This is stand off at the corn field. The pixs are wonderful it's better to see the deer here instead of on the road.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Maud,
I'm not sure if there are music video archives anywhere, but if you ever get a chance to see it, you'll know right away what I mean.

Hi Trixie,
We've had this camera a couple years. To learn how to use it, I first put it out in the backyard and was happy to find we had nocturnal deer also. It is digital and quite sensitive to movement as I've had it detect squirrels, bunnies and even a bluejay. They have gone down in price somewhat over the years and there's a variety of different features a person can get. I think you can get a pretty decent one now for <$100.

Hi Jayne,
I thought the last picture was awful cute also. I'm sure that little fawn had its mom somewhere nearby.

Hi Mom,
I bet it was stamping its foot. I've seen the little guys do that and it's so funny. I wish they would just stay here also instead of crossing the road.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

I'm still baffled by the idea of a video to catch deer pictures. They practically walk up and knock on our front door!

Ruthie, I'm waaaayyy behind on my blog reading and writing. Still need to buy yarn too.

Missed you!

--Robin (Bumblebee)

Larry said...

10 pointer-woe momma!-That's a healthy Buck!