Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nutty Squirrel Videos

Squirrels are still not common visitors in my yard, so I can afford to put out some special treats for them because they're just so darn much fun to watch. On one of the trees outside my kitchen window, I have mounted this metal nutbox. It has plexiglas windows all around and a nice big front platform for getting in and out of the box and surveying the landscape for threats (or other squirrels). The lid is pretty heavy, so the squirrels have to crawl inside rather than just trying to hold it open with their head or a paw.

I hope you enjoy these 3 short "nutty squirrel" videos I took from the kitchen window.

Around Christmas time I stocked up on nuts at the grocery store (walnuts, pecans, and filberts). This video shows the squirrel coming out of the nutbox with a large walnut and trying to figure out how to carry it away in his/her mouth. (BTW, the tapping noise you hear in the background is Daisy walking into the kitchen and standing behind me waiting for a treat...)

Here the squirrel has chosen its nut and after getting a secure grip on the nut, the squirrel takes of towards the big maple tree in my front yard.

Uh-Oh.....this squirrel came out empty-pawed! I know there are a bunch of nuts buried under the snow because I've seen a squirrel stick its head down in the snow and come back out with a nut, so hopefully this poor little disappointed squirrel is running off to find a nut buried somewhere.

I picked up a pound and half of nuts last week at the grocery store, but their supply is almost gone, so now I'm also supplementing with peanuts in the shell. I talked with Brother Phil in California and since he lives pretty close to some pecan and walnut farms, I hope to be able to work out some sort of "direct shipping" deal with him at next year's nut harvest time.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

They are cute but you might be sorry you encouraged them at some point in the future. They can be destructive. Of course they are good with milk gravy.

Jayne said...

They are funny creatures to watch for sure Ruthie! Nice that they'll leave your feeders alone and use their "nut bin!" Love the cute video!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lisa,
So far, they haven't gotten into too much trouble. They sure run when the Cooper's Hawk flies through the yard. Plus they never know when a dog's going to come racing out of the house....

Hi Jayne,
They do tend to stay farther out in the yard at the ground feeder trays, but occasionally one very bold (or stupid) squirrel comes up on the deck. Then the dogs get to practice their squirrel chasing skills!

Meggie said...

They sure are persistent little buggers.

Anonymous said...

That nice peanut wreath we bought for the jays, well the squirrels found it. The snow is so deep in our yard that they can jump past the baffle and go to the feeders. We watched them today and we really had some good laughs watching them. They hang by their back feet from another feeder to get the peanuts. Once one fell but he went right back at it. It is good entertainment, but we'll be broke buying peanuts.

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to tell you we have about 9 squirrels on our yard. I like Lisa's recipe to get rid of squirrels, sounds mighty tasty.

nina said...

Ruthie, hang on, spring's coming. The groundhog may disagree, but I have a peeper that's singing a different tune!!!!!!

Mary said...


As much as I complained about the squirrels last spring and summer, I really do enjoy their antics. I even highlighted them on posts. I giggled at your videos tonight. I don't blame you for finding good buys on nuts. Hey, those nuts might keep them away from the songbird food!

We have a soft spot for squirrels. It's OK!

Maud said...

Ruth, you have been awarded the Make my day blog award! Take a look at my blog!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Meggie,
They seem to be pretty hungry all the time too....even though they look pretty fat!

Hi Mom,
Let me know if you need some peanuts, I still have a 50 lb. bag on storage at WBU. 9 Squirrels need a good supply of peanuts (I have some corn on the cob I can share too)

Wow Nina, a peeper! That would be really nice....we usually don't hear them till around Eastertime.

Hi Mary,
When I worked at WBU, I found that there was no middle ground on squirrels: people either loved them or despised them (and "despised" was the majority around here). I just think they're mighty entertaining even if they are naughty sometimes.

Hi Maud, Thank you.....I'll be right over!

Richard said...

Love my squirrels as you can tell from my blog. Endless hours of entertainment in the middle of winter in Minnesota.

If that word verification gets much longer I'm gonna have to quit leaving comments. 10 letters today.

Anonymous said...

Those are some big squirrels... I only have the little red ones in my backyard!

(I forgot to do Thankful Thursday... Oh well.. one of these weeks...)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Richard,
I thought you might appreciate these squirrel videos. Wish I could get good close-ups like you do!

Hi Jennifer,
I had a little red squirrel for a few days last summer, but for some reason (hawk?) they just don't stay around here very long.