Friday, April 25, 2008

Just Miscellaneous Stuff

Because our turkey hunting season starts early tomorrow morning, Mr. Johnson and I decided to leave work early today so we could get our weekend errands taken care of and get our turkey blind set up so that all we have to do tomorrow morning is set out the decoys and wait for the turkeys to arrive.

While we were out in the woods this afternoon, I finally saw a few spring wildflowers starting to bloom. I didn't think to take my camera along and boy was that a big mistake! In addition to the wildflowers, there was a pair of bald eagles flying around and calling back and forth to each other the whole time. That would have made a really neat little video. My only consolation is that I'll be spending the next 3 days down in these woods, and I'm packing my camera tonight, so I don't miss out on any other photo ops.

While walking back to the car, I found some newly sprouted catnip and picked a little handful to take home for Miss Penny. Was that ever some potent stuff!

First Penny rolled all over it on her right side (note expression of "kitty bliss!")

Then she rolled to her left side to rub in this super smelly catnip.
Look at her messy face--all wet from drooling on the catnip and then rubbing on it. I finally took it away from her after about 90 minutes, but she's still laying on the carpet where it had been. I'll have to pick some more for her tomorrow before we come home.

Here's a ID question for the 'egg'-sperts: Do you know what bird laid this egg?
I found it on the front lawn this afternoon. I know it's not grackle or robin and I'm thinking maybe mourning dove? I can't think of any other bird in my backyard that might already be nesting and also lay an egg this size.

How much is that doggy in the window?
"uh-oh, I'm busted!" (she even looks guilty, doesn't she?)

This is one of Sophie's favorite places to lay in the afternoon sun. I was surprised the first time I saw her up in this bay window and immediately shooed her down. Now she sometimes hops up and lays on the little rug when she can't find a sunny spot anywhere else. As soon as she heard the camera turn on though, she was ready to take off (she's terrified by the camera). Goofy hound!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I wish I could tell you which egg that might be but I don't know.

Our Luna is the same way about cameras. Silly dogs.

Anonymous said...

Sophie got busted by her human mom, guilt looks good on her. Love those shots of Penney drooling on the catnip. Our kitties love catnip too!
Have fun turkey hunting, hope your blind doesn't blow away with the way the wind is blowing but it isn't snowing [yet].

Jayne said...

I was thinking Dove egg too Ruthie. Sweet innocent Sophie! ;c)

Mel said...

Hi Ruthie!
I bet you are going to have a GREAT weekend!!
I have no clue about eggs, so I can't help you with that :(
Sophie looks so funny, trying to scape from the 'got you!? picture!

Mary C said...

Hi Ruthie - yes, that does look like a mourning dove's egg(shell). I've seen a few of them around here in the last few years and kind of guessed they were doves' eggs. Gosh, Penny looks a lot like one of our cats - Misty. And all four of our cats love catnip. They also enjoy rolling around in cat mint. I sure hope you had a good weekend turkey hunting. You'll have to tell us all about it, and show us some photos of what you found while out in the woods.

Mary said...

The egg? I don't have a clue.

But I sure did enjoy the catnip shots! Every now and then we would reach high up in the cabinet and bring out the catnip for our cats. It was fun to watch their eyes dialate and go nuts! LOL!

I think Sophie found the perfect sunning spot. You really don't mind, do you? :o)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lisa,
You get pictures pretty often of Luna, I can't even sneak up on Sophie because she always hears the camera.

Hi Mom,
I was happy to see the blind hadn't blown away when we got there Saturday morning.

Hi Jayne,
I feel sorry for any baby bird that has hatched in this cold & crappy weather we've had this week.

Hi Mel,
Even though we don't have a turkey in the freezer yet, it has been a pretty good weekend.
Sophie is a good dog and she makes me laugh every day.

Hi Mary C,
Thanks for the advice on the eggshell. I have seen some amorous doves in the backyard, so there must be nests somewhere too. When the weather warms up, I'll have to try and locate them (probably in some of my evergreen trees).

Hi Mare,
Penny does love her catnip. I have a little bag that I warm up in the microwave for her too when it's time to get brushed.
No I really don't mind when Sophie goes in the window, I'm just always surprised when I find her up there.