Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gardening & Other Stuff

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted anything since last Monday! Where did this past week go??

I got my first garden planted this afternoon. It's a 12 x 12 foot raised bed that I divide into 9 sections. I'm planning to add another raised bed just like it (hopefully sometime in the next couple weeks).
I added a couple blocks of peat moss and the contents of one compost bin to this raised bed and then tilled everything together with the neat little tiller Mr. Johnson bought for me a couple years ago. It was gray and cloudy with rain in the forecast, but I managed to get everything planted before the raindrops arrived. Shown below is the chart of what's planted where (this chart corresponds with the photo above).

I planted one section of sunflowers because I hope to raise them for birdseed, now that sunflower seeds have gotten so expensive. I also planted some of the mammoth striped sunflowers below my deck. I've never grown these before, so I'll be curious to see if they actually get up to 12 feet!

I was able to pick a few spears of asparagus from my little patch. I haven't been very successful with asparagus, but even these few will taste good and I noticed while I was picking there were more coming up.

More good news on the gardening front: my "garbage can potatoes" are finally sprouting! I think it's been almost 3 weeks since I planted them and I had just about given up hope. It's amazing what a couple of sunny days this past week did for growing things!
While I was working in the garden, I spotted this little bunny. What a cutie! Mr. Johnson first spotted him earlier in the week.
This little bunny is living under our storage shed and sure enjoys the tender new grass. (Oh yeah, I did pick up some fencing today to put around the garden....they can eat all the grass and dandelions they want, but the garden will definitely be off-limits to bunnies!)

Here's a little movie of the baby bunny eating (sorry it's a little bit shaky).


Mel said...

That's a cuuute bunny :D
Good luck growing your new planted stuff!!

Mary C said...

Oh Ruthie - you are so organized! I hope everything will sprout and bloom and produce for you. Hey, not blogging for a few days? I'm a lot worse - I haven't posted anything since the 28th of April. I've been too lazy. But, I've also be a bit busy, and then falling behind in reading everyone else's posts. Red has been doing a better job of posting than I have. (Sigh) Cute bunny video. Have a great weekend, and wish your Mom a Happy Mothers Day for me! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy fresh asparagus, we haven't had any since Easter. That new tender stuff I like to eat raw, it is so good.
Glad you are getting a fence, no one has just one bunny, but the one you have is very cute, it is still little.
Enjoy your garden.

Richard said...

Good luck with the sunflower seeds. Get ready to give them lots of support. Winds will do a number on them. I've tried raising them in the past and did pretty good until right at the end when the squirrels always got into them.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Mel. With all the bunnies in our yard, we're surprised we've only seen 1 little one so far!

Hi Mary C,
I'm not really very organized and I've definitely got more projects than hours in the day, but we were lucky on Saturday the rain held off so long and I was able to get this garden project crossed off my list.

Hi Mom,
I mixed the fresh asparagus with the stuff from the store--you could definitely taste the difference! Now if it would just warm up again, more would grow.

Hi Richard,
The sunflowers in the garden are supposed to be short--only 2-3 feet. The mammoth ones are planted next to the trellis under the deck, so I can secure them in a couple places as they grow. My few squirrels usually don't come very close to the house, so we'll see what happens.....

me and my camera said...

I always learn a lot from your blog and today I am intrigued by your mention of Dandelion Jelly! I will be watching for updates on your results.

I have grown sunflowers before and the Blue Jays love feeding on them while they are still on the stalk.

Jayne said...

Wow, what a great garden Ruthie. Can't wait to see everything growing! Sweet bunny video too.

Marsha said...

What a great garden plan! I look forward to photos of fresh produce later this summer. Yes, those Mammoth's do really get 12 tall. I have planted them for several years now but have had no luck saving them for winter feeding. You have to check them everyday for "ripeness" or the birds and squirrels will have them gone almost overnight.

Jennifer said...

Oooh... you are making me feel anxious to plant... We must be a little behind you weatherwise, though... I'd be nervous of frost.

RuthieJ said...

Hi M&MC,
The dandelion jelly has been postponed (and removed from this post). Too busy this week and I also found out I don't have enough canning lids on hand right now. Good thing I have plenty of dandelions in my yard.....

Thanks Jayne. Hopefully I can stay ahead of the weeds this year!

Hi Marsha,
Thanks for the tip on the Mammoths. Do you suppose I can cut the heads and dry them in my garage once they're "ripe"?

Hi Jennifer,
I'm not sure how long it will take these seeds to germinate since it hasn't been that warm here yet (we actually had a little frost this morning!) I'm going to wait a couple weeks yet to plant the bigger seedlings (tomatoes, squash, cukes, etc.)

Mary said...

Hi Ruthie,

I've been thinking of you but it looks like you have been busy, too. I like your raised bed garden. I wish you luck with it. Those darn bunnies....


Susan Gets Native said...

That wee bunny looks like a domestic!
You are SOOOOO organized with the planned-out plot. Jeez.