Friday, August 22, 2008

Trail Camera Pics

For the first time ever, all the treestands are in place and we're ready for the bowhunting opener a month in advance! A couple Saturdays ago, we took both of the trail cameras out to the woods and set them up in what we hope are strategic locations near the deer stands. Mr. Johnson's plan is to move them every week or so in an effort to see what kind of deer movement there is in each area and that will give us an idea of which stands are going to be most productive in the early season.

After supper tonight, we went down to check on the cameras and swap out the picture disks. We have viewers for both of the trail cameras, but that little 2-inch screen doesn't show much, so we have to wait till we get home and look at them on the computer screen (assisted by some Photoshop enhancements). Here are some pictures we got in the last week:

These first two are from the Leaf River camera. We've got it on a tree next to the deer trail that comes into the woods from the cornfield.

See how gray this one's fur has gotten already?

These next pictures are from the StealthCam. This camera is much farther down in the woods and placed on a tree near a confluence of several deer trails.

Even though I've got the flash set to "auto" for whatever reason it sometimes goes off in the daylight too (that's what happened when this deer walked right in front of the camera).
This picture was really dark and when I first looked at it, I couldn't see anything at all until I compared it to another nighttime picture on the disk. I finally saw what triggered the camera but only after enlarging the photo to about 125%. Can you see them? (look right in the center of the picture....)
Remember when I was first testing this camera in the backyard and I was worried that it didn't seem to be sensing bunnies--even though it had an infrared sensor in addition to motion detection? I thought maybe the bunnies were too small. But here's the proof that this camera even senses the small critters (this is what was in the photo above that activated the camera):When I was looking at the photo, it was the striped tails that caught my eye!


Anonymous said...

Nice pics of the bunnies and the striped tails, now what do you suppose they belong too? HA-HA It is swell that your cameras are already out in the woods, catching all the critters going past, to bad you can't program to take just pics of the deer.


P S Just finished watching the Olympics, was starting to doze off, thought I should check the computer before going to bed.

Jayne said...

The deer are getting really active now. I am seeing more and more in the late morning still out and about. How neat that you caught the coon family on stealth camera. :c)

KGMom said...

Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh--now I see them.
Don't take me out with you--I would miss anything important. Thanks for the labeling!

She sure is strange! said...

I could see the critters but didn't think they were coons! They look more like ringtails(Bassariscus astutus) to me but I'm pretty sure they don't live in your neck of the woods.

Hope you have some other goodies from the trail cameras, that's cool!


RuthieJ said...

Poor Mom, what are you going to do with yourself now that the Olympics are almost over??

Hi Jayne,
Do you have lots of problems with car/deer collisions in your area too? As we get later into September, they're really going to start moving again.

Hi Donna,
Their camouflage is so good, isn't it? It's a good thing that StealthCam has a really bright flash!

Hi Molly,
I don't think we have the ringtails here either (like you have).
I was kinda surprised we didn't get any pictures of wild turkeys on either camera, but every week, there's a new surprise when we check them. For sure I'll be posting more in future blogs.

Julie said...

Coons?!? So cute! Lovely pictures, all of them. I love your yellow swallow tails.
Went to two area lakes over the LOVELY weekend - great weather here too. Saw about 50 pelicans and some great egrets. Pictures too, but never enough time to post them. All that at the first lake. At the second lake I saw a Bob White, but no picture. He was really cute!
Going to grandma's this weekend. I'm going to make 1 or 2 stops on the way back (depending on how tired I am) at wildlife areas to see what I may capture with the camera.
Take care!

Windyridge said...

Well this is timely. We've been looking at our trail cam pics and all we see is nothing. Maybe I will look a little harder next batch!