Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Female Superpowers Revealed

I had a little money left over after my vacation, so the other day I bought a can of paint to finish the (long overdue) kitchen painting job. Since Mr. Johnson was already at work this morning and I was anxious to get the project started, I had to call upon my "female super powers" to pull this refrigerator out of the corner. My female super powers generally involve quite a bit of grunting with a few choice curse words thrown in, so I normally choose to use these super powers only when I'm working by myself. As you can see, things were going pretty well this morning.
How about the rest of you, my faithful followers.....anyone care to share a "female super power" story? Some project you've amazed yourself by completing all alone? Or something that caused your friends, a sibling or spouse to look at you in awe and say, "holy crap, I can't believe you did that all by yourself?"

And don't feel left out guys -- please share a "female super power" story about an amazing female in your life.

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In my previous post I mentioned putting out some "more appropriate" food for the possums and foxes visiting my backyard and here it is.......cheap dog food.

Not only do the possums like it, so do crows and bluejays. Plus it's cheaper and less messier than birdseed.


Lynne said...

Great job on the super power! I'll have to think a bit...
What a good idea about the dog food.

dAwN said...

What a cute little critter..when i had a fixed foundation I had a possum come visit occasionaly...once we saw him on a tree and went to check him out...He stood absolutely still and played possum..we got a great view and a chuckle.
Silly thing.

Leedra said...

Wonder about racoons....maybe you will get photos of them too.

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KGMom said...

TA DA--KGMom with super powers here.
I do it all the time--hefting things around. Although, I gotta admit--a refrigerator would be a new one for me.
I decided I would paint the whole house--true confession: I got the upstairs hallway done (which included 4 doors and doorframes) and the kitchen (which included stripping wall paper). I then quit--and hired someone to finish the house.
Enough with the super woman for me.
I love the dog food idea--I will try some outside and see what we get.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Way to go Ruthie. You are doing a great job. I am sure MrJ is proud of you.

My DB is never surprised at anything I do. I worked as a carpenter for 20 years.

Larry said...

I used to work with this a gentle christian woman in her 60's who was about 5'6" and at least 250 pounds. She walked around slow-and had trouble breathing. One day after he had warmed her car up in the winter,she looked out the window to see that her car had went into gear and was driving down the hill by itself. She flew out the door and chased the car down the road which was now moving at a good clip and a good 100 feet away.-You know she caught up with that car and jumped in-amazing!

Marsha said...

You go super woman!

Good idea on the dog food for your night critters.

Susan Gets Native said...

I show off my Female SuperPowers all the time. And people around here still act amazed.
Hell-O!!!!! Capable person here!

Ruth said...

No one can multitask like a female...that is the greatest superpower of all. I will get my husband to pull out the fridge though!

Anonymous said...

Well, you know all the stuff I've had to do over the years, being single and all, but did you know that I once assembled a 10-speed bike by myself? It even worked when I was done! And last Sunday I put together a car! OK, it was only a Cozy Coupe but what the heck. It involved tools and directions (which were all in picture form). I'm not a big fan of THAT but I guess then they don't have to print the directions in 17 different languages. Whatever....

Your sissy

Kelly said...

...good job in the kitchen!! My brother is a personal trainer and has a small gym. He's trained me so well I can now lift 140lb when I do dead lifts...that makes me feel like Rocky! Heaving those 50lb bags of sunflower seeds into my car is no small thing either. Woohoo!

Red said...

Well, I put together my computer by myself - a job normally reserved for men. No real physical labor involved in that though. I've moved fridges before too :D Super-power Women unite! I don't know, some people know I can do anything and some are always shocked. Must be a Gemini thing.

Jayne said...

I did the same thing Ruthie. Hubby was out of town, and I moved ALL the bedroom furniture myself... well, out from the wall far enough to paint the entire bedroom by the time he got home. He was fully stunned, and I was eating Doan's Pills for a week...lol! Love your possum food! :c)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lynne,
The only real problem with the dog food right now is making sure Sophie doesn't go out and eat it all!

Hi Dawn,
I'm still seeing these possums occasionally in the daytime. It was pretty early when I took this photo, so he must have needed a little snack before going to his sleeping place for the day.

Hi Leedra,
I'm hoping raccoons don't become a problem because I know they really like dog food too and they're pretty destructive around the backyard birdfeeders.

Hi Donna,
Stripping wallpaper is definitely a super power job! It's nice to know you were smart enough to get someone else to finish that job for you (I wish I had--then it would have been done years ago!)

Hi Lisa,
That's cool that you were a carpenter! You are truly a Handy Ma'am!

Great story Larry! Sounds like that woman had a higher power helping with her super power skills.

Thanks Marsha. I'll have to remember not to fill that dog food tray when it's going to rain or snow though (otherwise I'll have one heckuva mess!)

Yea Susan! You Go Girl!!

Hi Ruth,
I kinda cheated--the fridge is only a couple years old and still rolls fairly easily, once you get it started. As a physiotherapist, you are wise enough to know the lifting and dragging jobs NOT to tackle (I usually overdo it).

Hi Sissy,
I knew you had female super powers, but I don't think I ever heard about that 10-speed bike!
(I hate those stupid picture instructions too!)

Way to go Kelly!! When I got my former job at Wild Birds Unlimited, one of the questions in the interview was whether I could lift a 50-lb bag of birdseed (because we had seed delivery every week and some of the other employees couldn't lift or carry that much)

Way to go Heidi! I can definitely see you putting a computer together! Maybe because of your height, people don't realize you have those super powers, so I'm glad you keep proving it to everyone!

Way to go Jayne! I've seen the pictures of your bedroom furniture and that must have been quite a feat moving it all around by yourself! A good job done!

Anonymous said...

Currently my superpower is knowing when the dog is about to pee on the floor and rushing him outside before it happens. Unfortunately this superpower sometimes goes on the fritz and then I use my "the dog just peed on the floor" superpower!! :)

Anonymous said...

All women have super-powers, it's just that we don't all use them. One day they will come in handy when you least expect to use them.

Opposums and raccoons also like dry cat food, that's what we feed ours when they come around, of course we feed cats too.


Dana and Daisy said...

just watch out for the possum poop eewe, if it affects them like it does dogs! peeeuuu!

I was pretty amazed with my female super powers last year when I managed to haul a mattress and box springs upstairs by myself. It was a twin, but still! C'mon!

I'm afraid to move my refrigerator. I know I'll either break the tiles on the floor, or never get it put back level. After five years, who knows what is living back there, too.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Suz,
The ability to read a dog's mind is a good super power to have! I'm still working on that, but the dog still surprises me once in a while.

Hi Mom,
The next time I'm at Fleet Farm, I'll have to check and see if the cat food is cheaper than the dog food. Cat food comes in 40 lb bags too, doesn't it?

You're right about that Dana, I have to watch out for all kinds of wild critter poop in the backyard now!
Mattress AND box spring? Good job woman! Getting them around corners and through doors is hard, no matter what size they are!

Meggie said...

Cleaning attic gutters has become of specialty of mine...three stories up. They are box gutters, so I crawl out from the attic windows and clean those suckers. I've learned to not look down, and move very slowly.

Mama Pea said...

Ruthie - Your question about Female Super Power gave me a topic for a blog entry which I just posted. Thanks!

Shellmo said...

I am so impressed w/ your super powers! I don't think I could move our fridge! My super power would be breaking up a dog fight and got bit myself!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Meggie, that sounds really dangerous! I hope you have someone nearby keeping an eye on you!

Hi Mama Pea,
Glad I could provide some inspiration for you (that was a good post too!)

Oh Shelley, you're a brave soul! I wouldn't want to try and break up a dog fight -- unless they were very small dogs!