Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Evidence of Backyard Bambi's

Every night lately we've been seeing at least 5 deer in the backyard (a doe and 4 fawns). They've been munching apples and chowing down on corn. We can turn the backyard light on and even shine a spotlight on them and they just continue to go about their deer-y business. Last night during a Law & Order commercial break, Mr. Johnson went to the back door to see if there were any deer out there. He was gone a long time and when he finally came back, he whispered to me that there were deer laying down in the backyard. "Why is he whispering?" I wondered, and when I went with him to take a look I caught myself whispering too. Sure enough--there were at least 2 deer, just laying on the grass about 20-25 yards out the back door. We could only see the 2 with the spotlight, but when I checked the grass this morning, I found a couple more spots where the grass had been mashed down from them laying on it. Here's one of the spots.......

We've gotten used to seeing lots of hoofprints and poop - the main evidence left behind from their visits. This birdfeeder is one of their favorite snack stops. See all the hoofprints in the dirt below? This feeder tray is right at the perfect height for a deer's mouth, so they can just stand there and munch till all the seed is gone.

In my little aspen grove, the small bucks have been leaving their antler rub marks on the small trees too.

I don't get too excited about little rubs like this because little trees = little bucks. Now if I were to find a 7 or 8 inch tree that's been worked by a buck, that would be pretty exciting. Perhaps even warrant the placement of a deer stand in the backyard!

Seen any deer in your backyard lately??


Deb said...

Now why don't they walk by the deer stand when you want them to? :)

I saw two deer, a doe and fawn I think, as I drove up the driveway coming home last night. I told Calvin, and if it wasn't already after sunset he would have run out there with his shotgun!

Mama Pea said...

We haven't seen a deer since the season opened on Saturday. Usually we see them on our driveway when we go in and out and grazing in our small hay field but they've been very scarce this whole week.

They say the deer population is down in NE Minnesota which is hard to believe by the number we see along the highway at night.

We've heard only three shots since Saturday so I don't think the hunters are seeing many either.

Anonymous said...

I would probably turn off the TV and just watch the deer if they were in my yard, how cool is that.


Carol said...

I put out a deer feeder in the backyard...no deer. So now I call it the turkey feeder...only 1 turkey lately...but 2 momma Raccoons..each with 2 little ones coming in at different times...so I may have to change the name again. I still try for the deer.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

No deer in our garden. About every place we have been birding lately we have seen multiple deer...and evidence of hunters. The farmers are just now getting crops out of the field due to the wet weather. They are at least a month behind. This seems to have made an increase of deer with big racks out and about. Must have been a good year for the bucks.

troutbirder said...

Yup. Its a new wrinke because they come and feed under my Harolson and McIntosh. No problem except the trees are about twenty ft. from the dog kennel...and at 2 a.m. the neighbors dont appreciate the barking. Neither do I.

Gaelyn said...

Food and a nice soft lawn, I'd be there if I were a deer.
Saw a doe walk thru my yard two mornings ago.
But of course, not when your in the stand. ;-)

Richard said...

I've seen one doe a couple of times about a week ago but none since. My see her more often now that they picked the corn field across the road.

dAwN said...

no backyard deer here..we are parked at the Elks lodge in sacramento California..suburbia..going birding tomorrow south of here..maybe will see some deer in the refugee..
Good to catch up with your blog..I have had no time for blog reading lately and really really miss it.

Jayne said...

We occasionally see deer in the more wooded sections of our neighborhood, but not in our yard. How nice of you to put up a feeder just for them... tee hee hee. :c)

Taos Sunflower said...

How cool is that? They trust you. (Little do they know, he he he...)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
I ask myself that same question all the time!
Good luck to Calvin, I hope he gets his deer before the season closes.

Hi Mama Pea,
I think there were quite a few deer registered in this part of the state for the opening weekend--in spite of all the corn still standing.
I was out this morning with my bow and only heard 4 shots.

Hi Mom,
It is pretty cool -- not much to watch though if they're just laying around!

Hi Carol,
Glad you're getting some good wildlife activity in your backyard. I wish we could attract some turkeys to the backyard--at least they come in the daytime so it's easier to spot them.

Hi Lisa,
We've heard from a couple different people about a few big bucks in the area where we hunt, but have yet to see any. Our crops are about as far behind as yours are.

Hi Troutbirder,
Sounds like Baron would benefit from getting to sleep indoors at night....hey, it's pretty cold out there for a dog anyway!

Hi Gaelyn,
I was just surprised that they'd lay down right there in the short, mowed grass. Guess they must have felt pretty safe!

Hi Richard,
Do you ever see them visiting your bird feeders or see their tracks? Once the corn is gone, your backyard could become a much more popular wildlife feeding station!

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for stopping by....I hope you're enjoying your time in Sacramento. If you have a chance to visit the Effie Yaw Nature Center (right on the American River), you'll probably see some deer there--we did on our visit. (Plus Acorn Woodpeckers too!)

Hi Jayne,
It's a dual purpose feeder: birdfeeder by day and deer feeder by night!

Hi Martie,
You are so right! We're thinking the herd is large enough that they wouldn't miss one....

Heather said...

Wow Ruthie, bedding down right in your backyard, huh? That's pretty cool. Does Sophie go smell those spots right away when you let her out? I'll be interested to see if the doe I saw on our property last weekend comes back again. I hope she does - she was so beautiful!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Heather,
Sophie is mostly interested in the deer poop for snacking on! That was a beautiful doe you had, but I had a hard time looking at her without imagining a little bull's eye on her side! ;-)

Mary said...

You live on a nature preserve, Ruthie. I NEVER will see Bambi in my backyard... Hmmmpf.