Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finished fiber projects and other stuff

Here's my outside thermometer at 8:00 this morning.....yup, looks like winter has finally arrived and after the second warmest November on record, I don't believe there's a single person in Minnesota who's not complaining about our abrupt return to normal winter weather!

The good thing about this weather is that I'm not feeling the least bit guilty about parking my butt on the couch for hours and knitting my fingers to the bone! In fact this week has been one of my best in recent memory for getting a number of projects finished. Here's a nice afghan I got done on Monday. This is a great time of year to work on afghans because you can keep yourself (and the pets!) warm while the knitting progresses. (watch for this afghan to show up in my Etsy store soon!)

This is a crocheted afghan that I started at least 3 years ago. I decided it was high time I finished it because I finally have a recipient for this afghan. Next week it's going to my adopted son, Kerry, in the US Navy. I adopted Kerry in October through Soldiers' Angels. It's not a huge afghan, but I think there's not much room on a ship for personal belongings anyway. I hope he likes it!

Back-to-back episodes of "Law and Order" plus Netflix movies are great for getting knitting projects done too! This week I finished this cutest ever teddy bear vest for my great-nephew Ethan's Christmas present. I was amazed that I managed to save (and find!) this Leisure Arts pattern brochure that I originally purchased back in the 80's. I think if my sissy looked back in her old photo albums, she would probably find a picture of my niece (Ethan's mom) wearing a similar vest that I knitted for her when she was probably 5 or 6 years old.
Teddy Bear Vest - front view (I even found some googly-eye buttons in my stash)

Teddy Bear Vest - back view (isn't that a cute little stubby tail?)

Last Saturday I got a phone call from my local yarn shop owner about finishing a sweater for one of her customers. The poor woman has been working on this sweater for the past 5 years but is unable to do the finishing herself. Finishing this sweater will involve cutting the front open and cutting holes to insert the sleeves. Apparently I'm one of only a small number of people around here who knows how to do this anymore and it's not a job for a faint-hearted knitter! I quoted her an ungodly amount for finishing this sweater and she agreed to pay it. So my customer will get her sweater finished for Christmas.


Gaelyn said...

You have been one very busy lady. Love both the afghans and the teddy bear vest is adorable. I think I still have a few ancient Leisure Arts books, some things never go out of style. Wow, what a project to take on finishing that gorgeous sweater. I always did dislike that part myself. Congrats on your new toys. Hope that means we see you in blogland more often. ;-)

Mama Pea said...

Wow, you had some handworking week! (And other things going on, too!) Two lovely afghans and the little vest is just too cute. I don't even know what a "netbook" is, but that's cute, too. ;o)

My husband had an aunt who was a crazy, mad woman when it came to knitting but she never, ever, ever put a sweater or knitted garment together herself. She hired a woman through a yarn shop that did all of it for her. (Auntie was also VERY financially well off so that wasn't a problem!) Different strokes for different folks.

KGMom said...

You are one mean knitting machine. Meant in the nicest way possible, of course.
Love the afghan.

As for technology--yup, it's great. We have a little netbook which I use when I trundle off to meetings. A good way to take notes (and sneak a peak at the Internet if I find a Wi-fi connection).

Anonymous said...

WOW! You have knitted your fingers to the bone this week, finishing afghans knitting a vest for Ethan, that is adorable.
That notebook is so neat and should come in handy when going to work-shops and such, besides that it can go every where with you. Have fun with it.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

What an amazing job you've done on all of your projects! I'm sad to say that I haven't even finished my scarf! :(

Congrats on the netbook! Isn't it just the collest little thing?
I'm sitting here on my bed in Kansas City reading your blog with my little netbook. We'll be the cool blogger sisters in the Bog!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your knitting projects all look great. I can see you have been busy. I love the teddy bear sweater. What a cute item. I bet anyone wearing that looks adorabe.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The only thing I accomplished in the last 3 weeks was to get my house cleaned for Thanksgiving! You've been a busy sissy :)
I believe I still have the vest you gave to Jane....didn't have the heart to part with it as it was handmade with love. If I come across it I'll e-mail you some pics.

your Sissy

Jayne said...

Boy you HAVE been busy Ruthie! That sweater is adorable. :c) Congrats on the netbook. What a great thing to have.

I sure am enjoying my hand warmers!

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Gaelyn. It's a really great feeling to get some projects finished up. I'm hoping to become a more regular blogger (and blog visitor) after Christmas (when all my deadlines have been met!)

Hi Mama Pea,
Your comment about Roy's crazy, mad aunt gave me a great idea about putting up an ad at my local yarn shop about providing finishing for people's knitting projects (for $$, of course). I know lots of people hate to do finishing, so maybe I can use it as another part-time job (that can be done at home!)

Hi Donna,
Compliment accepted! :-)
I'm looking forward to all sorts of fun opportunities with my new netbook.

Thanks Mom. Only about 25 more unfinished knitting projects laying around the house, so I've still got some work to do.....

Hi Lynne,
It's good to know the knitting addiction hasn't taken hold of you yet! You're still one of the lucky ones.
Thanks for introducing me to the wonders of netbook. I'm looking forward to blogging from the bog!

Thanks Lisa. Those little animal vests are the funnest patterns. All the details are done mostly with cable stitches--really amazing to see the animals taking shape!

Hi Sissy,
Your house looked very good at Thanksgiving. I have more time to knit because I can always dump some of my housecleaning duties on Rick!

Thanks Jayne. Glad you're liking your handwarmers. I have a pair I wear to bed every night (they actually help control the symptoms of carpal tunnel that I've acquired due to my years of knitting)

Kelly said...

...I can't believe how fast you can knit and keep track of everything! I'd be dropping stitches right and left, and those little teddy bears in the vests!! That is sooo cute! Have fun with your laptop! About how big is it?

Taos Sunflower said...'re one busy person. I love the afghan for Kerry and thanks for reminding me about Soldier's Angels. I also hugely admire that you've taken on finishing that sweater...that makes my brains swirl,just thinking about it!!

cindy said...

What wonderful work you do! I am truly impressed! We saw the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train in Waseca tonight! What a sight! Did it go through Rochester?

RuthieJ said...

Hi Kelly,
It's a Toshiba Netbook and much smaller than a laptop - about 8 & 1/2 by 11 when it's all closed up, but a really fun new toy!

Hi Martie,
I love having lots of projects to work on, but really love getting them completed. Sounds like our weather's going to be conducive to lots of indoor time for the next few days anyway.

Thanks Cindie. You know the Christmas train was in Rochester yesterday afternoon about 1 PM and I totally forgot to go and see it. It looks like I can still catch it in Winona on Friday evening if I can convince Mr. Johnson to take the drive down there!