Sunday, May 2, 2010

Squirrely Fun

Hey, didn't this thing used to be filled with peanuts?

OK, so no peanuts....but wait, I see another birdfeeder over there!

I should be able to get to this one without any trouble at all!

Wow, I see peanuts and shelled sunflower seeds. Excellent!

Good nuts,
Good seed,
Good gosh,
Let's eat.

Nom, nom, nom!

And in case anyone's wondering, this birdfeeder is now filled with safflower seeds and the squirrel is back to feasting at the ground feeder trays where he belongs!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

LOL! I love the third picture where he's standing on the railing on his hind feet thinking...

Anonymous said...

HURRAH!!! You outwitted a squirrel for once.


Gaelyn said...

That is one acrobatic squirrel.

Jayne said...

They always seem to find a way!

Robin Ripley said...

They are clever, aren't they? And oh, they can eat. Between the birds and the other critters, I shudder to think what we've spent on seed and peanuts in the past year.

What a great series of shots!


troutbirder said...

Wonderful series Ruthie

RuthieJ said...

I know Lynne, that was my favorite shot too!

Hi Mom,
I put some peanuts out in the squirrel nutbox too, but I don't think he's discovered them yet. At least the safflower's keeping him off the deck.

Hi Gaelyn,
It's pretty amazing what squirrels will do to get to the food they love.

Hi Jayne,
That's what makes them so interesting (or annoying--depending on how you choose to look at it)

Thanks Robin. I still only have a few squirrels as regular visitors and as long as they choose to feast at the ground feeder trays, i don't mind them.
P.S. I don't keep track of the $$$, but I did track pounds of seed and peanuts purchased in 2009 and it was well over a ton!

Thanks Ray!

Carol said...

I just counted...7 living here..or that's the most I've counted at one time...but I have a great squirrel proof feeder and it's fun to watch them.

Building a house said...

So cute! I love the third picture too.