Monday, September 6, 2010

Backyard Doe and Fawn

Just before dark one evening last week, I looked out the kitchen window and spied the little fawn feasting on corn in the birdfeeding tray. I tried to get some photos out the kitchen window, but managed only this one poor quality image through the window screen.

I decided to head downstairs and see if I could get a picture from the outside patio. Once downstairs, I saw that Mama Deer was also in the backyard under the apple tree. As soon as she saw me come outside, she went into full alert mode to protect her baby. I switched my camera over to video and managed to capture their hasty retreat from the backyard.


Gaelyn said...

That's pretty sweet to have in your backyard.

Jayne said...

So sweet!

troutbirder said...

Wonderful! I think having a large overfriendly dog living here must discourage the local deer from browsing in my yard. Oh well. Choices must be made! :)

Anonymous said...

This must be another mother and baby. How lucky you are to have 2 mama's and babies. You will have to put up a sign "Watch out for deer" so no one gets hurt.


RuthieJ said...

Thanks Gaelyn, I think so too!

Thanks Jayne. Can't you just see that little fawn thinking, "Hey Mom, I wasn't done eating yet.....why are we leaving?"

Hi Ray,
My dog doesn't like the deer either, but she's in the house most of the time and I try not to let her outside when the deer are around or she barks and wants to chase them.

Hi Mom,
This is the doe we see most often in the backyard. She's only brought her baby a few times and I was really surprised to see both of them on this day.

Mollie said...

What a gift! Thanks for sharing!
Is it unusual to have deer in your backyard or do they see your flashing neon sign that says "Deer Welcome?" A friend of mine says I have a neon sign that says "All cats welcome." Only the animals see the sign. ;-) Thanks again for posting. Gives me a mini-break from the city when I watch it.

RuthieJ said...

Glad you enjoyed it Mollie. The deer are regular visitors to my backyard but mostly after dark, so it is unusual to see them while it's still light out. Their neon sign is the corn I put out in the ground feeding trays (the bunnies and squirrels can also see that sign!)

Meggie said...

Great capture, Ruthie! It seems the little fawn wasn't so sure he/she wanted to leave just yet. I wonder if it got an earful when they were safely in the woods?