Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Trail Camera Photos

If you don't have a backyard trail camera of your own yet, here are some photos taken during the daytime. This will give you a good idea of the capabilities of this camera for detecting and photographing birds and critters much smaller than deer. This particular camera is motion and heat activated, and as you'll see from the photos below it doesn't take much motion to activate.

A flock of sparrows comes to eat

The flock of hungry sparrows flies away & the camera catches it

More sparrows at the feeder & flying away

Bluejay & bunny

Mr. Cardinal

Bunny checking up on supper

One of my fat little squirrels

Another bluejay

Something I don't often see -- bluejay & sparrows at the same feeder at the same time!

Solitary MODO


Two Bluejays -- they love corn!

Bluejay & Dove

And here's three more great shots from early this morning....

Looks like it's getting a little crowded around the corn tray -- maybe I'll have to think about getting a small feed bunk to accomodate these larger groups!

Wild possum dash -- we've gotten a few photos of a single possum, I had no idea there were two out there!

These 2 bunnies look a little startled by the bright flash


birdchick said...

I had no idea that opossums could move like that. I thought they trundled along. Those look like their bounding like bunnies.

Anonymous said...

I love all your birds and animals on the trail cam. I can't believe all the activity just at one feeder and all sizes of critters. Thank you for sharing all of your pics. What will come to the feeder next?


dAwN said...

Very cool pics. The startled bunnies are funny..and the possums running thru are great..

RuthieJ said...

Isn't that cool Sharon! that's definitely one of the most amazing shots I've gotten with this camera.

Hi Mom,
I haven't heard of any sightings since the recent floods, but I'm still hoping for a bear (one was spotted near Pine Island a few weeks ago).

Thanks Dawn. I'm just amazed at all this nocturnal activity in the backyard.

Mama Pea said...

What a bunch of activity. You've got a real zoo going there!

KGMom said...

Cool pics--love all that wildlife going on in your backyard.
Such a great idea--that critter cam.

Gaelyn said...

Wow, that critter cam is awesome. To think it will take the pics for us when we're not around. I'll have to think more about this. Those bunnies do look a little startled and opposums are fun. The deer must be getting used to modeling.

Jayne said...

How fun Ruthie! No telling what all goes on when we are not there to watch!

Bonnie said...

Oh, wow! That is super cool. I might have to get one of those!

stephen said...

My goodness! That certainly is a busy spot in your yard. Thank you for sharing the images that your trail camera capture. They are amazing!!
I hope Sophie didn't get into too much trouble for visiting the corn tray. So good to see that she is doing well.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Mama Pea. It's always surprising to see what's going on in the backyard!

Thanks Donna. It's a good thing corn isn't too expensive -- that way I can continue to satisfy all my hungry visitors.

It is pretty neat Gaelyn. Of the 3 trail cameras we've had, this Cuddeback seems to be doing the best with conserving battery power -- even with the flash going off all the time, we haven't had to replace batteries yet, and it's been out there a couple weeks now, plus I think the pictures are pretty good quality.

You got that right Jayne!

Hi Bonnie,
I don't think you'd be disappointed if you had one of these cameras. The only suggestion I'd have for you is that if you plan to use it in town (with neighbors close by) you might want to think about choosing an infrared model -- that way, there wouldn't be any chance of the neighbor's seeing that flash going off in the backyard and wondering what's going on. My backyard is very isolated, but we definitely notice that flash going off when we're in the house.

Hi Stephen,
Glad you enjoyed the pics. Sophie loves checking out all the critter scents remaining around the corn tray. And she's doing amazingly well! Earlier this summer we never thought she'd see her 13th birthday and now we're looking forward to celebrating with her on the 23rd (she'll get a cheeseburger from McDonalds!)

Wildflower Cabin said...

Isn't it fun having a trail cam? You've inspired me to share some photos from ours one of these days.
Love all your nature shots.