Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summer Birds & Winter Birds

The weather has been unusually moderate for the past couple weeks -- especially for the beginning of November. It's been cold (in the 20's) at night, but the days warm up nicely (todays highs were in the mid-60s!) The thing I've noticed while I'm outside on these nice days is that there are still several of the "summer" birds hanging around this robin, enjoying the birdbath.

And this common grackle, also enjoying the birdbath!

There's even a few Red-Winged Blackbirds still hanging around. It's nice to hear their song this late in the season because once they're gone, I won't hear it again until next April.

And even though this nice weather enables me to not think about the dark, cold, snowy days to come, the little feathered friends showing up at my birdfeeders confirm that winter is not far off. Purple finches are really early (at least for my backyard) this year. Here's a female.

Pine Siskins are also starting to show up in larger numbers. I wonder if this is going to be another big Pine Siskin year? Last year I only saw them during spring migration. They're such fun, scrappy little birds and not the least bit intimidated by house finches.

Today the handsome male Purple Finch visited my feeder. I almost never have the males at my feeders, so this was a special treat. I hope he stays around for the entire winter (or at least long enough for me to document on my list when Project FeederWatch starts next weekend!)


Anonymous said...

Maybe your summer birds will stay for the winter, you have to have shelter, food and water and you have all three. Now the winter will birds will come and stay into the spring, you are so lucky. Have fun doing your Winter Bird Watch.


Mollie said...

Love all your bird photos! The robin, my fave. The red-winged blackbird looks so great in those berry-filled bushes. And the female purple finch looks like she was having one bad hair day! So cute. Thanks for sharing.

Gaelyn said...

Love seeing your birds. Been watching the quail bobble here. Some of yours look familiar.

Jayne said...

Saw my first Junco on Saturday! Looking forward to all the winter hungry friends. :c)

Guinifer said...

I'm thinking of buying a trail camera for my husband - do you have any recommendations?

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mom,
I'll be curious to see how long the summer birds stick around too.

Glad you enjoyed them Mollie. Those bushes are highbush cranberries & they're loaded with fruit this year. I've seen a few cedar waxwings snacking on them, but hopefully more birds will enjoy them during the winter.

Thanks Gaelyn. Would love to see quail sometime! Do you put out any food for them?

Hi Jayne,
Yay for juncos! Glad you're finally seeing them. They're such fun little birds.

Hi Guinifer,
We're having really good luck with the Cuddeback this year. The first trail camera we had was a Leaf River and I really liked that one too although after about 4 years, it just stopped taking pictures. It still flashes and takes a picture, but no image--just black.
I have read mixed reviews on the Cuddeback, but we've been satisfied with it. We also have a StealthCam, but don't use it much because it goes through batteries really fast.
If you have a Fleet Farm or Cabelas close to you, go in and check out some of the cameras they have. We've purchased them at both places and they usually have some sales associates that are familiar with the pros & cons of these cameras (especially at Cabelas). Then if you want to do further research, look them up on line and read recommendations from other folks who've bought & used them.
Now is a good time to purchase because they're on sale for deer hunting and Christmas gift giving.

Ruth said...

Your summer birds don't have to cross a Great Lake to go south, so they may postpone their journey until the last moment. I have seen Robins here this week, but we usually have a few who over-winter in protected areas.