Monday, August 15, 2011

County Fair Results

For the first time in many years, I entered some of my knitting projects for open class competition at the Olmsted County Fair. The entry process can be done totally on-line now, so that really streamlined things on entry day. I was kind of disappointed last year when I went to the fair and saw that there really weren't many handknitting projects entered in the fair. I thought with all the people that seem to be knitting these days that there would have been much more, but maybe people just don't do that anymore? So I decided that this year I would try raising the competition bar a bit by entering a few of the items I've finished in the past year. Here are the results of my fair entries and I've included the judges comments that were attached.

Gray Wool Mittens
"Nicely done. Decreases accentuate linear look. Warm, interesting cuff design."

Fair Isle Tam
"Colors work well together. Even floats inside."

If you're not a knitter and wonder what "even floats" mean, she's referring to the color not in use that's carried along the backside of the knitting project. If you're ever with a knitter and that person picks up a colorwork garment and turns it inside out, this is what we're looking at.....

Blue Swirly Cable Hat
"Interesting cables, shaping and cables work well together. Yarn accentuates cables."

Baltic Style Mittens
"Nice Braided Cuff. Interesting color combinations with muted and bright. Warm material. Even stitches and floats, nicely done."

Norwegian Wedding Gloves
"Exquisite! Yarn choice accentuates the lace. Great job, no finger gap, workmanship is superb."
Was awarded the burgundy "Honorable Mention" ribbon on these also. I've never seen or received this ribbon before, so I'm not sure if it's something new or what the deal is with it exactly.

Batik Shawl (knitted with 100% alpaca yarn)
"Love interplay of cables and lace, interesting to look at -- even the back is interesting. Very even, lovely piece."
I love the interplay of cables and lace on this pattern also -- one of the main reasons why I chose to knit this shawl, and it earned me the Reserve Grand Champion award!

Of all the years I've entered projects at the fair, this is the only time that I can remember receiving blue ribbons on everything. I was pretty happy about that. One year (sometime back in the '80s) I did get a Grand Champion ribbon and trophy on a large lace knitted shawl, so this year's reserve grand champion ribbon was pretty exciting too.

On all of my judges comments, the following statement was included: "Thanks for sharing your talent with Olmsted County." I hope that seeing my knitting projects at the fair will inspire and encourage other knitters in Olmsted County to think about entering their projects in the fair next year.

(I apologize for the poor color on these photographs -- I took the pictures late last nite under artificial light so they look pretty crappy.)


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

So proud of you! You are an amazing and generous knitter.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe you took so many things to the fair that you have made in the last year, amazing!!

You got blue ribbons on everything you took and even some extra ones, very special.

Congratulations Ruth!!!!

Love MOM

Emily said...

Your knitting is beautiful!

You have inspired me to check out my local county fair next year (I usually only bother with the big one).

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Lynne. I've got a couple items I'll be donating to the Midwest Birding Symposium for their fundraising raffle too!

Thanks Mom. Most of these projects were pretty small. I'll have to see if I can get a sweater knitted up for next year's fair.

Thanks Emily. If I lived closer to St. Paul, I'd enter the Big Fair too, but county fairs can be pretty competitive too -- esp. in your bigger metro counties. Good luck!

troutbirder said...

Oh wow, Ruthie. Small town girl does good in the big city. Reminds me of all the mittens and stocking caps my mom made and keep me warm all through childhood

Anonymous said...

Raise the bar a little? That's an understatement!

That tam is a masterpiece, inside and out!


stephen said...

excellent choices for entries and all beautifully knitted!
congratulations Ruthie.