Sunday, July 22, 2012

Here they are.....

It's County Fair time again!  (jeez, I can't believe it's the end of July already though......)  Here are the items this Nature Knitter has completed in the past 12 months for entry into Open Class competition at the 2012 Olmsted County Free Fair.  (Award information has been listed after each picture.)  

 Wool Houndstooth Check Mittens
Blue ribbon (first place)

Glitter Shawl
(knitted from *1 ball* of a wool/alpaca/nylon/metallic blend yarn) 
White Ribbon (third place)

Celeste Shawl
(knitted from Red Heart Stardust yarn - 70% superwash wool, 25% nylon, 5% glitter yarn)
Blue Ribbon (first place) plus Grand Champion Purple Ribbon and Best of Show Award Plaque

Click on the photo to enlarge so you can also see the copper metal beads knitted into this lovely pattern

Basic Knitted Mittens
(knitted from washable acrylic yarn)
White Ribbon (third place)

Wool Cables Hat
Blue Ribbon (first place)

Rainbow Beanie
(crocheted with Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport weight yarn) 
Red Ribbon (second place)

Undergrowth Hat
(knitted with Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport weight yarn)
Blue Ribbon (first place) and Reserve Grand Champion Pink Ribbon

Top view of Undergrowth Hat

I stopped at the fair with these entries shortly after noon last Friday -- I didn't see what any of the other competitors had brought in then, but I'm optimistic some of these items will do well in the judging that was held on Saturday, July 21st.  I'll post results later this week.


Mama Pea said...

All of them worthy of a blue ribbon! So many beautiful colors to feast one's eyes on!

Gaelyn said...

I like them all, but especially the lacy shawls with the beads. Good luck at my name sake fair.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love the peach colored shawl. Gorgeous!

Bonnie said...

Wow, you have been busy. They all are award winning!

KGMom said...

You've got to be kidding--HOUNDS TOOTH knitting! I am so totally impressed.

Anonymous said...

You Rock Girl! Good Luck! they all look Great

Taos Sunflower said...

Wow, have you been busy! I'm with KGMom...I have to say that your knitting hounds tooth is blowing my mind. Best of luck!!!

troutbirder said...

Beautiful work Ruthie. And if you have any extra Coopers please direct a few southward to SV as I've been totally overrun with starlings this summer. I still have my 12 gauge but our neighbors tend to frown on loud noises in the morning.... :)

RuthieJ said...

Thank you Mama Pea. I love the bright colors too. Last fall I had an order for someone who wanted 10 pairs of mittens knitted in dark colors -- I couldn't wait to get them done and back to color work again!

Thanks Gaelyn!

Thank you CrazySheepLady (it's my fave too!)

Thank you Bonnie. The hot weather this summer has given me more incentive to stay inside in the A/C and knit.

Thanks Donna. That was a complicated knitting pattern -- I had to follow the chart on every row! The knitting was fun until I got to the thumbs which invoked a few muffled curses as I worked on those tiny, 18-stitch rows!

Thank you Anonymous!

Thanks Martie. It was a fun pattern to knit, but it will be awhile before I try it again (although I am already putting houndstooth color combinations together in my imagination -- maybe a hat next time......)

Thanks Ray. Do you want to borrow my starling trap? They're unable to resist the suet/peanuts bait when I use this trap at my house. Let me know because I have a lovely woman who will actually purchase the dead starlings if you catch them. Send me an e-mail if you want to know more.....

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Grand Champion and Reserved Grand Champion awards! Has to make you feel Proud! :)


stephen said...

Oh my gosh! You have been busy! They're all beautiful.

Congratulations on all the ribbons.

Mollie said...

You are so talented! And the houdstooth mittens--I don't even knit but I can't imagine the skill to tackle those, ... . And the Celeste Shawl won the biggest award, yes? Just stunning. I have a few friends who might like that rainbow beanie--do you take orders for those? No matter--thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

Jayne said...

Nice to be back at the Nature Knitter's place! Congratulations on all the well deserved accolades for your beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats to you - I *love* those rainbow colored mittens! :)

Penelopedia said...

Well done, as always! These are all lovely, but the houndstooth mittens are especially catching my eye.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wonderful knitting. I enjoy seeing your creations. Well deserving of all the rewards. Do you teach knitting too?

You inspired me to try to knit again. I managed a baby sized hat. Now I will probably try an adult size for my trip to Minnesota in January.

Kathy in Delray Beach