Thursday, December 11, 2014

Looking Back on 2014

I got a gentle "scolding" from a friend recently who's been missing my blog posts. So I decided I'd get one more in before the end of 2014. Working two and three jobs for the last few years has pretty much kicked my ass to the curb and left me with neither the energy or initiative to devote to weekly (or even monthly) blog posts. But for those of you not on Facebook or also missing my blog posts, I'll recap my 2014 with one picture for each month of 2014.

A beautiful January sunset

A February snowstorm was beautiful only to those who didn't have to worry about moving all the snow or figuring out how to drive in it! 

In March I took a trip to California to visit my brother.  It was nice to see green grass, water that wasn't frozen, and birds that wouldn't be back to Minnesota for a couple months yet.

April brought a few spring birds back to Minnesota, including this Robin who was determined to battle that "other" robin taunting him from the window reflection.

In May the colorful summer birds finally arrived.  They're the hope we hold in our thoughts and hearts during the long Minnesota winter.

Backyard critters enjoying June clover and other treats falling from the birdfeeder above.

A long July weekend in northern Minnesota gave me the opportunity to photograph this rainbow over Snowbank Lake after a brief late afternoon thunderstorm.
Thankfully we saw more Monarch butterflies this summer than last year.  An August Monarch took advantage of the Rough Blazing Star blooming in my backyard wildflower garden.

In September, this first year Cooper's Hawk was trying its best to catch one of the birds hanging out on my deck.  Unfortunately, no birds were caught, but I did get the chance to capture this awesome photo!

Fall colors delighted the senses in October.

Early one morning in November, this small buck showed up in the backyard to sample some of the corn we put out for birds and bunnies.

Happy Christmas from me and my pretty girl Holly the Pibble!


Mama Pea said...

Hi, Ruthie! So good to see a post from you. I'm among your fans who don't do FB and have missed your posts here. Your photos, as usual, are gorgeous. Hope you can find time to keep us all up to date in the coming year. I know it's hard to find enough hours in a day.

Gaelyn said...

Nice to see your year wrap up post. Other than too much cold and snow, looks pretty darn good.

Mollie said...

Thanks for taking the time and energy to put these monthly photos together, Ruthie! I'm sorry you have had to work so much & at different places--it makes sense you have little energy left for posting. I wouldn't either but I don't even have a blog. Good to hear you were able to come out to the Golden State to visit your brother. What part of California were you in? Your photos are beautiful--and even more so because YOU took them! You have a good eye. Take good care. Hope you get some rest over the holidays.

Lisa said...

Your photos are always so beautiful! You always inspire this 'nature detective' girl to try a little harder with her camera. Thank you for sharing your 2014 in this way with us. Good Luck in 2015 and hope your schedule is able to slow down a little. Glad Holly is doing well too! Merry Christmas!

KGMom said...

Ruthie--what a neat idea to reprise the year, and with such lovely photos. In the last one, Holly appears to be just a wee bit drunk--a half winking eye.
Merry Christmas to you all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas! XO

troutbirder said...

Beautiful pics,Ruthie. That Coopers was especially neat! also a rare non Facebooker..:)

stephen said...

Hi Ruth,

Happy Holidays!!

Thank you for sharing some of your wonderful adventures and views with us. Your photographs are beautiful.

RuthieJ said...

Thank you Mama Pea. I'm gonna try....

Thank you Gaelyn. It's been an unusually warm winter in Minnesota so far, but hopefully things will get back to "normal" soon.

Thank you Mollie. I just need to review my priorities when I plunk my butt down in front of the computer. Maybe less computer time and more time outside with the camera! Lord knows that being active and spending time outside is sooo much better for me! My brother lives in the northern central valley region (south of Yuba City). It's an awesome area for birding!

Thank you Lisa. A week ago, I finally got those full-time hours I've been waiting years for. I'm on the overnite shift, so need to re-set my priorities and find time during the day to get outside and take some photos.

Thank you Donna. Holly's a goofball....I'm sure that's her "teenager eyeroll" expression when Mom's taking too many photos again!

You're welcome Squirrel! ;-)

Thank you Ray.

Thank you Stephen. Happy Holidays to you also. Have you been to that monarch movie at the Science Museum yet? I hope I can find the time to get up there before it's done in early January...