Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Reminders Needed!

I really wasn't looking forward to 2008 for the simple reason that this is the year I will be reaching the dreaded half-century mark. Since Mr. Johnson already passed that milestone last year, he never misses an opportunity to remind me that soon I will be as old as him too!

As he was walking up the driveway from the mailbox this afternoon, he couldn't contain his cries of glee while waving the envelope containing this at me:

Come on AARP, give me a freakin' break.....my birthday's months away yet!

I saved this offensive little piece of mail only long enough to scan for this blog post and then it went into the fireplace.


Jennifer said...

loving your recent posts... and hey, don't worry about 50. it's not so bad!

Anonymous said...

Take advantage of it and JOIN UP!! I know it's months away but it's hard for me to believe you will be the half century mark so soon, you were born such a short time ago. 50is the new 40, so live it up. Your little brother is going to be 45 this Friday and there is 2 more between you and him.

Ruth said...

No one gets any cards in Canada until age 55. Fifty is awfully young to be a member of the AARP. It was easier turning 50 than it was turning 40!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ruthie it doesn't hurt to turn 50. I am with you about AARP. I hated the way they just presumed that I would be interested in their organization.

Lynne said...

Don't worry Ruthie, there will be plenty more AARP card coming in the mail!!! I think I got 6-7 of them. Fifty's not bad- I like it!


loribird said...

Ha! Don't be insulted, I got one this past summer, just before my 28th birthday... I considered signing up for all the rebates, but I figured someone would notice the mistake.

mon@rch said...

Yeah . . . now you will get that magazine!

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

Bwaaaahahahahhaha! This is hilarious. Too, too funny. I can say that, of course, since I am years away from an AARP membership. (Years defined as more than one!)

Your younger friend,

Robin at Bumblebee

Meggie said...

Get used to it, Ruth. AARP is one persistent organization. You will find regular mailings from them even if you don't join.

Susan Gets Native said...

Look at it this way....now you can be charter member of Lynne's Hasty Brook Birder's Home!
:) hee

Jayne said...

Oh Ruthie! LOLOLOL! In the fire indeed!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Jennifer,
Yeah, I know, it's just a number, but I just can't get over how quickly those years have flown by!

Hi Mom,
You may be right, but I'm going to drag these 40's out till the last possible moment.....and AARP's just gonna have to wait a little bit longer!

So Ruth, when you get your card in Canada are you a CARP? ;-)

Hi Lisa,
What's going to hurt is all the grief I'm going to get from my younger siblings and Mr. Johnson!

Hi Lynne,
Yeah, I'm sure they'll keep bugging me till they get my $12.50 for new member dues.

Oh Loribird, that must have been a real insult for you!

Hi Mon@rch,
I'm already 3 issues behind in my birding magazines! How will I find time for the AARP magazine?

Thanks Robin, my dear *younger* friend, I figured you'd find a way to emphasize that! ;-)

Thanks Meggie, I guess their persistence may pay off as plenty of free firestarters for my fireplace, right?

OK Susan, you've had the best piece of advice so far....if turning 50 guarantees me a spot at Lynne's Hasty Brook Birder's Home, then I'm ready!

Hi Jayne,
Watching a piece of mail like that go up in flames was so much more satisfying than just shredding it!

Anonymous said...

I would take the AARP card and put in in the bittom of my rabbit cage. They betrayed all americans when they signed on to GW's perscription benefit program. Pardon the
mis spelled wouds.

Mary said...

Ruthie, HA! Mine all went into the circular file - quickly! Without delay!

But I do take advantage of the senior citizen's discounts at Wild Birds Unlimited :o)

Windyridge said...

This is too funny because I've been meaning to blog about a very similar thing (Just turned 49). The dreaded AARP letter came in the mail yesterday for my husband who is 6 months younger than me! Blech! Golden years? Who they kiddin'?

Larry said...

Nothing wrong with 50-I wonder if aarp is any good?