Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Weekend of Summer

Thanks for all your kind words and comments on my last post. It's nice to know I have such faithful readers and more importantly so many dear blogging friends.

Well, it's early Sunday morning and no one's up around the Johnson household except Kitty who's sitting behind me here and monitoring bird activity outside the window. I decided to take advantage of a few minutes to get quick blog post done before the day's activities begin.

Our first "official" weekend of summer has been perfect (weather-wise)......not too hot and no rain so far (although we could use a little shower, the lawn is starting to get dry in spots).

Mr. Johnson has gotten permission from the land owner where we deer hunt to put up a couple of permanent tree stands. We went out last weekend to get measurements and yesterday we put up the first stand.
I can already tell we will fight over who gets this stand in the fall. It's a beautiful location on the bluff overlooking the river and pasture below. It's about the height of where the eagles fly by over the river. It's going to be an awesome spot for watching birds (or deer).

There are some new arrivals in my yard! The baby bluebirds have hatched. I know now this is the same pair I had nesting last year. She always lays 5 eggs, but only 4 babies hatch. Aren't they cute?

And the wildflowers are starting to bloom in my backyard garden.

Purple Coneflower



Anonymous said...

Oh you sure surprised me. Was going to look to see if there were any new comments from your last blog, and I saw June 22nd. Well of course I had to read and look at everything. With the end of quarter coming up take all the days you need so you can keep up with your work, blog later.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good to see that all is well and pretty at your place Ruthie. That deer stand looks awfully high. Be careful up there.

Lynne said...

That looks like a cool bird/nature watching spot any time of the year. I'm glad you and kitty got some time to yourselves this morning! Hang in there at work-

Shellmo said...

Always love the bird babies!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mom,
No OT this weekend, but next weekend for sure, so trying to get a bunch of stuff done at home while we have a chance.

Hi Lisa,
The deer stand is probably about 11 feet above the ground and the view is awesome! I always wear a safety vest when I'm up there.

Thanks Lynne. I'll say the same to you about work--I bet you can't wait for those evening shifts to come to an end!

Thanks Shelley--they'll grow up fast and be much cuter in a few days.

jan m said...

Glad you popped back in so we could see those bluebird babies. Have a good week!

Debbie said...

Ruthie, so glad you found a few minutes to blog. Tree stand looks great and what a wonderful spot. I can remember going fishing with my dad and spending more time snapping pictures of the dragonflies and looking for birds than fishing. Just getting outdoors makes for a wonderful day.

Love the baby bluebirds. We have had English Sparrow issues this year and did not have a successful Bluebird hatch. I think we are winning against the Sparrows, so I am hopeful for next year.

Windyridge said...

Yay! Saw you pop up on my feedreader and came on over. Glad you found some time. My bluebirds are newly hatched also!

Jayne said...

My bluebirds are on their third nest now, though I often wonder how she can stand to stay in that nest box in this 90+ degree heat... bleh. How exactly does one get INTO that tree stand Ruthie?

Anonymous said...

Mr Johnson looks positively "studly" in that treestand. Did you chase him up there?? LOL Is that a cottonwood or an oak?
The baby bluebirds are adorable. The robins made a nest directly above my house in the oak. This whole mealworm shortage thing has me just sick. Everytime I go outside "mama robin" comes for worms and I just can't give her as many as we'd both like. There's talk that the shortage could last until September! That shoots the whole summer. I haven't heard how this whole thing came about but I think it's totally unacceptable! Even if I try to grow my own at this point, it would be weeks before I have anything to give to the birds. Someone really dropped the ball on this one and it's the birds that will pay the ultimate price. Is anyone else out there upset about this or am I creating a "tempest in a teacup"?
Your slightly irritated sissy

Anonymous said...

Lovely birds indeed. Hah, the "Battle of the Treestand."

Trixie said...

Lucky you! A very nice weekend before the EOQ or is it EOY? Either way, busy, busy. Enjoy.

Meggie said...

By the looks of Mr. Johnson, I'd say you should try some gentle persuasion for the tree stand. How about some chocolate chip cookies? He sure looks like he could hold his own in a dark alley. Cute! I think baby birds are quite ugly actually. But after they feather in a bit, then I guess you could say they are cute. Lovely flowers, Ruth.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Jan,
I just couldn't help myself.....those baby bluebirds were good news & since I took the picture, that 5th egg has also hatched!

Thanks Debbie, it was a nice day.
I have lots of sparrows in my yard too, but I evict them from any bluebird houses. They always seem to find other places to nest though because I've seen them feeding little ones at my feeders.

Thanks Windyridge. I wish I was better at managing my time so I could do all the things I want to at home!

Hi Jayne,
Our temps have been pretty moderate this year--not a single 90+ degree day yet! (my fingers are crossed)
We used a ladder to build the treestand and will put some climbing steps on the tree another time.

Hi Irritated Sissy,
It's an oak tree.
Let me know how your mealworm ranch progresses. I may want to try it myself...

Thanks Science Guy. We still have one more treestand to build--should be a good bowhunting season for us this year.

Hi Trixie,
It's just EOQ, but I remember last year, June was the worst month for being busy at work too. Only 4 more days.....I'll make it! (and then get on with my normal life)

Hi Meggie,
Chocolate chip cookies are a good idea, but Mr. Johnson will probably let me use this stand without too much begging. Once we get our trail scouting camera set up, it will tell us how many deer are walking past this spot.
You're right about those baby birds, but in a week or so, they really will be cute!

Jennifer said...

I've been very far behind in my reading... Just caught up on many posts... Your garden looks great, what a fun time you had with fellow bloggers/birders, and awww... those cute bluebirds! (I'm going to try to band our nestbox birds next year... learning lots this year!)