Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Miscellanea

I started packing my bag today for the Potholes & Prairie Birding Festival--my rainsuit went in first after I checked the forecast for Carrington, ND. It's going to be similar to what's in store for here the rest of the week with chances for rain every day. I will be happy as long as we don't experience any severe weather.

I'm not sure what kind of internet access I'm going to find there, and since I don't have a laptop computer, I will probably be absent from the blogosphere for several days while I'm at the festival. I'm hoping they have a public library with a computer and internet access.

So tonight is going to be a smorgasbord, for lack of anything more imaginative as I'm getting ready to leave for North Dakota.

Here are some updates on my gardens. My recent raised bed disaster is actually looking pretty good.

If it ever stops raining long enough to dry out a little bit, I can get in and work with this dirt a little bit more, but for now it seems to be loosening up and the chunks don't seem quite as large. (There is also a banana pepper and 1 more tomato planted in here, but not visible).

In my other raised bed, most of the seeds have begun sprouting. These peas are doing the best (almost tall enough to reach the trellis now).

And the lettuce is finally recognizable too.

The onions (bottom) and beans (top) are also coming along slowly but surely.

I also have swiss chard, beets, cucumbers, and carrots just beginning to sprout (but still too small to show in a picture). If we could just get a few sunny days in a row, I think the soil would warm up nicely and all of these plants would really take off!

Here's a picture of the completed shawl repair.
I swear that this is where the hole was and if you compare this section to one of the others on either side, you might see a little bit of difference, but I'm very happy with how this repair turned out because I even had a bit of a hard time finding it again.

Brother Phil in California had a check-up a couple weeks ago at Travis AFB hospital. When he came out of his appointment, he spotted this burrowing owl (with a 'bonus' yellow-billed magpie) out on the front lawn of the hospital.
How lucky for him (and me) that he happened to have his new camera along and he finally e-mailed me this picture today. He also told me that they've been seeing a male Western Tanager in full breeding plumage hanging around their yard (but the bird won't sit still long enough for a photo op).

I've gotta say, I'm loving this spring weather we're finally having. As I'm sitting here composing this post, there's still a robin sitting right outside and singing his head off (at 9:07 PM-almost dark!) I'm really looking forward to spending the next few days outside enjoying birds and nature.


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy the birding festival and get to talk to Julie in person again. Do you have anyone going with you?
Thanks for the picture of the oops repair, now where was it?
Cool pic of the burrowing owl at Travis AFB sent to you by Philip. Have fun and we'll be looking for news of the festival and pics.

Beth said...

The shawl and the garden look beautiful. Enjoy the festival and bring back lots of pictures.

Jayne said...

Well, just lookie at that cool garden! Talented gardener you are Ruthie! Have fun at the festival and take LOTS of photos to show us. The shawl looks just beautiful.

Such a cool shot of the owl and the magpie!

Lynne said...

Ruthie your raised beds make me want to ty my hand at a bit of gardening again. It looks great. And the shawl is really pretty. I'm sure it will bring in lots at the silent auction. I reallt wish I were going with you on this trip but it just wasn't meant to be this year for me. Maybe next year. You'll just have to have my share of fun too!
Drive safe! And remember- they ticket from airplanes in the Dakotas!

Marsha said...

Your gardens are really looking good! I knew you would be able to fix the shawl so it look as wonderful as it does! What talent - anyone would be proud to get it. Have a safe drive to ND and we look forward to photos when you get back.

Julie said...

Oh! You make me want to leave work and go put my hands in dirt! LOL! I live in an apartment that faces west, between the hot sun and the black shingles on the exterior of my apartment (shingles used as siding) it gets too hot to keep anything alive on the deck. I planted a large pot of sweet potatoes. Probably need to weed them out just a bit. They're at my parents. Maybe I can convince them to let me put in a small garden next year? Yours looks a nice size.
Have fun on the birding festival. Bring us back lots and lots of pictures!

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Mom, I'm looking forward to the festival very much. I'm going to detour at Moorhead and look for a burrowing owl that's been spotted there.

Thanks Beth. I have to delete some old pics off my CF disks tonight so I'm sure to have enough room for more & I've already got extra camera batteries packed!

Thanks Jayne. I'm happy with how the garden is shaping up--I should see some good progress by the time I get back from the festival.
My brother's so lucky--a burrowing owl & magpie in the same picture!

Hi Lynne,
Your presence will be missed, but I understand how things go. Your book is all packed and ready to travel.
Thanks for the driving tip--that's valuable information for me! LOL

Thanks Marsha. Looks like the silent & live auctions will be Saturday night, so hopefully I can find out what the shawl goes for and I'll share that in addition to pictures.

Hi Julie,
The raised bed works out well for me because I don't really have the equipment to maintain a large garden. Mine are 12 x 12 and with them divided up into sections, there's just enough for two of us. I bet your Mom & Dad would enjoy some produce from your little garden at their place.

Anonymous said...

Bring rain gear it is really wet up here.:)

jan m said...

Enjoy the festival. Your garden looks great, and the shawl too. Nice repair job!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks so nice and neat. I hope you have a good time in SD. You will have an occasion to wear your shawl there maybe?? It is just beautiful.