Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thunderstorm

As predicted earlier today, we had a bit of severe weather move into the area this afternoon. As we were leaving work at 2 PM, the tornado sirens had been activated in Rochester--although all of the storms were still north of us (sometimes our local authorities are a bit over-zealous in their use of the sirens!)

By the time we got home, there were some pretty ominous looking clouds beginning to move in,
so I plugged some new batteries into the camera and headed out to the backyard -- hoping to catch some rotation in these clouds.

The wind was starting to pick up and the temperature had gotten a lot cooler.
I used to be a real thunderstorm ninny--down to the basement at the first sign of dark clouds, but as I've gotten older (wiser? or just more careless?) I kind of enjoy watching a good thunderstorm develop. Fortunately, this storm seemed to lose some of its intensity as it moved into southeastern Minnesota.

It got dark enough that my outside lights on the photosensor came on. All of the cars on the highway now had their headlights on also. (Isn't it amazing that all the birds continue to keep on singing? Do they somehow know that this wasn't going to be that bad of a storm?)

Here comes the rain.....

Time to watch the winds and heavy rain from inside the house!

And then the hail came......but fortunately, it was small and only lasted a couple minutes.
(you can hear it "plinking" on the roof of that metal fly-thru feeder on the deck)

By 3:15, the storm had moved on and we saw blue sky to the west.
The temperature had dropped dramatically (it was about 83 when we left work at 2:00).

And we picked up some much needed rain.
So we made it through this storm, but the weatherman is predicting the possibility of more severe weather tomorrow afternoon and evening when the approaching cold front moves in to meet our predicted 90+ degree afternoon temps. Hmmmm, maybe I'll get a chance to see those rotating clouds yet..........


Shellmo said...

Loved the storm photos!And your bird thermometer is great!

Mary said...

Awesome sky shots. Scary.

Just wanted to say Hello. Miss you.


Marsha said...

Those are awesome sky shots! No rain here so I need to water gardens first thing in the morning.

I hope your garden wasn't damaged by the hail...I see if on the deck photos :-)

I've been meaning to do you like the barrel composter you showed earlier this spring?

Anonymous said...

I think we were driving by your place on our way to Rochester. I had a 2 wk. checkup at the OMC Hosp with my surgeon at 3:20. It rained so hard, had the wipers on full tilt, so we slowed way down as it was almost blinding rain. By the time we got to the hosp the sun was out again and boy had it cooled down. When we got home I emptied the rain gauge a grand total of .03 in, of course on Tues we got 1.44in. Lots of trees were down in that storm with 45 to 60 mph winds. Thats when we found out our gutter covers went flying all over the yard. What an interesting week, tomorrow we are going to have our first 90 degree day. Son Philip is having 100+ every day in CA. I still like MN.

Beth said...

Great storm pictures and your yard and garden look just beautiful!

Jayne said...

Wow, how cool Ruthie! Those cloud banks were quite impressive. We've been getting some afternoon pop up storms too and much needed, albeit fast and then gone, rain as well.

Lynne said...

Your storm pix and videos are really neat Ruthie. It's going to be a HOT one today and the humidity is all ready disgusting. I'll bet the storms do redevelope tonight.
Your yard and raised beds look terrific by the way!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you that your pics were great, and you won't have to water your garden today. The garden looks better then the last time we saw it, everything is so green and growing. I like the idea of raised beds. How are your potatoes doing?

barefoot gardener said...

I love those pics! Watching the storms roll in is always so fun...

Herci said...

Beautiful pics.
Sounds like a scary day! You handled it much better than I would ;)

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Shelley. I was glad the storm looked much worse than it actually was. I like that thermometer too, but I think they could have left off the -60 and 140 so we could enjoy more of the picture, don't you?

Thanks Mare....I miss you too and as you can see, I'm spending far too much time outside taking pictures when I should be catching up on blogging!

Hi Marsha,
I've been watering flowers & veggies every day too (& the wind today will dry out all the moisture we got yesterday). The hail was just pea-sized & not enough to do any damage.
I've not been faithful about turning my composter every day, so the progress has been kind of slow.

Hi Mom, you must have been driving right in the middle of the worst of the storm--I did see cars going really slow and a few pulled over on 63. I'm so thankful we haven't had any high winds or tree damage in our yard this year.
I've got some garden pics ready to post--everything's looking pretty good since we had a little rain & we had some fresh peas for supper the other night!

Thank you Beth, I've got some garden update pictures to show too, but haven't organized the post yet....Maybe this weekend.

Thanks Jayne. I'm sure glad you guys are getting some rain too--even a little is better than none at all, right?

Thanks Lynne. I hope no one gets any bad storms tonight....a little bit of thunder & lightning is OK, but I'd be happy with even just rain showers!

Thanks Barefoot. I bet your Little Sprouts don't like the storms much, do they?

Thanks Herci. This storm wasn't too bad and we have a good network of "storm spotters" in our county who work with the National Weather Service....I just turn on my weather radio to hear what they're reporting and immediately know when it's necessary to run for cover!

Debbie said...

Wonderful pictures and video. I love storms and we have had quite a few this spring and summer.

Do you often have tornadoes in your area? We have an occasional one, but not regularly.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you don't get the rotating clouds Ruthie. I do hope you get the much needed rain. Loved your sky pictures.

Mary C said...

Those clouds rolling in like that are fascinating, aren't they? I was surprised to hear the traffic in the background on one of your videos. I guess you have mentioned it before about living close to a busy highway. I'm glad to see your grass looks nice and green, and glad that storm cooled things down.

VJ said...

The skies got really dark and scary looking over our house just minutes from downtown Mpls. However, except for a lot of rain the storm was a lot of bark and no bite.

Julie said...

Loved the storm pictures. I still have a healthy, strong tornado phobia, but I've learned enough about the storms that I feel more comfortable stopping to take pictures from time to time.