Saturday, July 5, 2008

You Meet the Nicest People on a Motorcycle

Years ago, we used to hear this advertising slogan: "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" but I think that should be revised to say, "You meet the nicest people on a motorcycle" and here's the story......

This morning, while it was still cool outside, we were going to head down to the deer hunting woods again and get a ladder constructed for the tree stand we built a couple weeks ago. Because Mr. Johnson also had to make a stop at the bank, we decided to grab a breakfast sandwich at a nearby convenience store (KwikTrip). When we pulled into the store around 9 AM, there were a bunch of motorcycles refueling.....nice bikes too, big Harley and Honda cruisers and touring bikes, and the people outside refueling were wearing matching black and orange vests and jackets. So I asked one of the guys if they were headed to a rally and he told me that they were just headed from Minneapolis down to Waterloo, Iowa to visit some friends.

I checked on Mapquest and it's about 200 miles from Minneapolis to Waterloo, so Rochester is a good halfway point for a pit stop. And if they got to Rochester by 9, that means they had a really early start from Minneapolis too.

Since I was lucky enough to have my camera along in the car (and to Mr. Johnson's embarassment), I asked if they would mind posing for a photo, and since I was taking their picture, would they mind if I posted it on my blog? Of course not, was the response, but only if I would also e-mail the photo to Hank (that's him, right in the center with the orange t-shirt & black helmet). So we exchanged cards and here are the members of the "Just Us Motorcycle Club."
Ride safe my friends, and have a wonderful weekend!

I googled "Just Us Motorcycle Club" and found only a link to the club in Southern California, but I wonder if the Minneapolis club is one of the affiliates?

Anyway, it was a chance encounter--if we would have been 10 minutes earlier or later--we would have missed meeting this fine group altogether. And I guess to get back to where I originally started with this story, I just want to say again that behind all the black leather, chrome and loud pipes, bikers (at least all of the ones I've met) really are nice people. So don't be afraid to wave to us, talk to us and most importantly, watch out for us.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like they were having too much fun. Wish I could have joined them.

RuthieJ said...

I know what you mean Lisa! We rode yesterday but had too much other stuff to do today.

Jayne said...

How fun Ruthie! A camera makes you less shy about everything in general, now doesn't it? :c) Hope Hank and the gang made it to Iowa safely.

Meggie said...

They look like a fun bunch, Ruthie. Hope you had a good Fourth. By the way, take a look at the bird on Dave Dorsey's blog and see when you think....robin? Something tells me "no." But I have no other guess.

KGMom said...

A friendly looking bunch indeed. It almost looks like they dressed just for the photo!

To answer the question you asked me--about the tall trees--they are cypresses. Many Mediterranean countries have them, especially around holy places. The way they reach to the sky, as though beseeching the Almighty, I guess.

Anonymous said...

What a fun blog with some nice looking "bikers". That's a long way to ride a bike from Mpls. to Waterloo, IA and it was into the wind too. Going home was much better for them, the wind was at their backs. People are only strangers until you talk to them.

Mary C said...

Those orange shirts/jackets should certainly make them visible. Do all or most bikers belong to a club of some sort? I haven't seen bikers in a large group for quite some time (probably because I haven't traveled much lately). But you are right about them when they travel as a group/club -- they are really nice folks.

Anonymous said...

The leather getup is kinda scary, but it looks like a fun ride.

Mel said...

Things happen for a reason, you have a new group of friends now!

p.s. sent something yesterday, hope it gets there soon ;)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Jayne,
You're right, the camera does give me more reason to talk to and share with people. I'm glad I had it along on this day--you never know where you'll find inspiration for a blog post!

Hi Meggie,
We had a great long weekend here. I checked Dave's blog & I voted for robin too. My western field guide shows they're summer residents in almost the entire state of Alaska!

Hi Donna,
I'm thinking they must wear their "club colors" on any organized rides. I've seen the Bikers for Jesus and they all have matching vests or jackets too.

Thanks for the ID on those trees. I should check my tree guide and see if I can grow anything like that here in zone 4--they're very neat looking trees.

Hi Mom,
They were all really nice and didn't mind having their picture taken at all (I guess you can tell that by the big smiles on everyone's face). Saturday would have been a little windy for me to ride, but I think most of these people have been riding many more years than I have.

Hi Mary C,
Mr. Johnson and I belong to the Honda Riders Club, but have never participated in any of their organized activities. I know of one other local Honda club that's invited us to join, but we don't really have the luxury of extra time to just take off on planned trips (especially all day or overnight--pets, you know!) A local Women on Wheels club is being started too, so there are plenty of opportunities to join a club if a person's interested. It's always fun to have other people to ride with.

Don't let that leather fool you, ScienceGuy, it's the biker's "armor" and it's just nice to have one more layer between you and the asphalt in the event of an accident (plus it makes riding on chilly mornings a lot more comfortable too)

Hi Mel,
I would love to ride with this group some day--at least as far as the Iowa border anyway.
(I'll watch my mailbox--you're such a sweetie!!)

Marsha said...

From one "nice" person to another...this is just too cute that you took their photos! We enjoyed riding this weekend too but will be staying home for the local town celebration this coming weekend.