Monday, October 13, 2008

The 1-Year Swap

Last week I came across an interesting post at the blog of my knitting friend Herci. She had just signed up for her first knitting/crafting swap/exchange/circle/chain. And then I signed up for myself with Herci. Have you ever participated in one of these? I see them pretty regularly on some of the blogs of knitters and spinners.

Here's how it works: Herci will be hand-crafting gifts for 5 people who signed up for the swap on her blog. Those 5 people (I'm 1), will then announce the swap on their blog (this is my announcement), and hand-craft (in my case, probably knit) gifts for 5 people who sign up for the swap by commenting on this announcement post.... those 5 people then have to announce the swap on their blog, and make gifts for 5 people who join the swap by commenting on their post.... and the gift chain continues. The giver has 1 year from the date of the post to deliver their 5 gifts (hence the name).

Sounds like fun, don't you think? If you would like to join this swap/chain, you just have to comment on this post. I promise to put lots of love into the gift I craft for you!


Anonymous said...

Who was the winner of the red shawl on your auction? The bidding ended on the 10th. I was curious, cuz I didn't see any more bids unless you got them by e-mail.


RuthieJ said...

Hi Mom,
Sorry....I went back and added a comment to that post. Jayne had the winning high bid of $45.

Julie said...

No takers???? Gee, I'm tempted, really tempted, but my gifts would be stitched and I'm not always comfortable stitching for others. I did this once and took all 365 days to finish my project. In the cross stitching blogs, we call it Pay It Foward or PIFS. I'll have to pass, but I do hope you get some takers!