Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Got an Award!

Over 3 weeks ago, I received this neat little award from Red out in California (thanks Red!). Amazingly enough, this award originated with Patricija at her Wisdom of the Heart blog and has come all the way around the world from Slovenia to Minnesota by way of California! Now I'm finally getting around to the acceptance/acknowledgment and passing this award on to some other excellent blogs I love reading.

To Marsha--a fellow biker woman (and Minnesotan!), birdwatcher and fabulous gardener.

To Deb--building her own house and enjoying her family, pets and nature in the Minnesota northwoods

To Richard--who's learned more about birds in 2008 than he ever thought possible and also has time to enjoy and photograph the various other wild critters visiting his backyard habitat.

To Ruth--sharing birds, nature and stories of her life, family and work in Ontario, Canada.

To Jayne--a wonderful woman who loves her backyard birds, her family and caring for others with her faith and her job as a nurse.

To Cindie--mom of a teenager, wife of a farmer, loves dogs, cats and nature.....she's living the good life in southwestern Ohio.

To Julie--a fellow fiber artist, nature lover and weather geek. I hope to get the chance to go birding with her in Kansas some day.

I hope you all enjoy this award and will also get a chance to pass it along to other blogs you love.


Ruth said...

Thanks for the award, Ruthie. I would certainly send it to you again. You truly are an inspiration!

RuthieJ said...

You're welcome deserve it!

Red said...

Sweet :) I'm glad you finally got a chance to pass it along with all that you do!

And I do love your excellent blog!

Jayne said...

Awwww... thanks Ruthie! Can't wait to meet you in the spring and give you a proper hug. :c)

Richard said...

Thank You Ruthie. I now know that at least 3 people read my blog..:-)

Owlman said...

Congrats to all!

Julie said...

Thanks Ruthie! Looking forward to checking out those other blogs when I can!

Cindie U. said...

Thanks Ruthie...I concur with Richard...I now know at least half a dozen are reading my blog...ha!