Monday, February 9, 2009

Fixes for My Fiber Addiction

One good thing about our cold Minnesota winters is that I can wear sweaters for at least 6 months. I haven't started or finished a sweater for myself in quite a while, so a couple weeks ago I rewarded myself by starting a new sweater (since I managed to finish 8 projects in January). This is called the Big Sven Sveater, but since it's for me, I'm calling it the "Big Lena Sveater!"

The nice thing about being an experienced knitter is that you can make revisions to the pattern. This sweater has a circular patterned yoke, but I decided to add an element of the yoke pattern at the bottom of the sleeves and body of the sweater also. As you probably know already, I really like doing two-colored knitting and the thought of all those rows of just one color till I got to the yoke was just more than I could bear. I really like this yarn--a nice heavy worsted weight wool from Canada. It's a little rough when you're knitting with it and sometimes I even come across a small piece of grass the sheep picked up out in the pasture. I used this yarn in a hat a while back and found that once I washed it, the yarn softens up really nicely. I'm making pretty fast progress on this sweater and hope to get it finished by the end of February, so stay tuned!

I completed a few more items for my Etsy store and hope to get them added to the inventory after supper tonight. Here are some wool half-mitts in a nice variegated colorway called "Rosewood."

How about this groovy granny square ensemble? Fortunately, I didn't throw all my old patterns away and when I went through the pattern box downstairs I found this awesome pattern that my mom bought for me when I first started crocheting. Remember years ago when Simplicity sold crochet and craft patterns? I checked the date on the envelope and it was from 1971 and the cost of the pattern was 85 cents! We picked out the pattern because it featured a granny square poncho and I recall making several of those for myself and friends. I really love this hat and probably will make several more (including one for myself!)
In case you're model's name is Larissa.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Larissa looks quite comely in her granny hat and scarf.

I love the sven patterned sweater you are knitting. Marvelous.

Chicken Mama said...

Any chance you'd share the hat pattern with a Granny Square addict . . . who just happens to need a new hat?


Shellmo said...

Larissa looks like she is very warm in her ensemble! You are so talented Ruthie! I didn't know you had an Etsy store. I'm going to check it out now!!

Mama Pea said...

You finished EIGHT projects in January? Wow, that calls for some kind of award! Or should I say reward . . . like your new sweater. I agree it will be so much more attractive with the pattern on the sleeves and around the bottom to match the yoke.

And good ol' granny squares. They just never go out of style, do they?

Always so much fun (and interesting) to see your projects. Thanks for sharing.

LauraHinNJ said...

Beautiful work, Ruthie!

I wish I'd somehow learned to knit.

barefoot gardener said...

I love the hat/scarf ensemble! Oh, gosh, now I gotta go pull out my yarn....

and that sweater looks FABULOUS! I like the grey/white thing. Simple, but not too simple.

Very nice work.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Granny squares. I remember you making ponchos for your friends, and something called "shrinks" do you remember?

I'll bet your glad you saved those patterns, 85 cents, WOW!!!!

Cool sweater, it's the same color as Penney, now you will be dressed alike, LOL.


Heather said...

There you go again with the fingerless gloves - those are the coolest (and I love the coloring). Congrats on all the completed projects from January. I look forward to seeing the completed sveater!
By the way, stop by my blog when you get a chance, I have an award that I'm passing along to you!

Red said...

mine mine all mine! well, the rosewood gloves anyway :D you know, if you wanna make something else with that wool, a hat would be awesome!

i think i remember seeing some granny square ponchos back in the day and i was just a kidlet back then... ahhh... i miss the hippies

Mary C said...

Ruthie - I had to laugh at Red's comment "mine, all mine!" And missing hippies!? Puhleeze! LOL! And who is this Red? It seems I'm always following her in the comments of my blogging buddies. [grin]

I enjoy crocheting granny squares, especially when you have little bits of yarn and want to use them up. They are quick to make, too. And easy to put them together. Now that's a pattern that's easy and portable to carry around.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Lisa. I think I've had the Big Sven pattern since the early 90's. Gosh I'm glad I saved some of those old patterns!

You got it Chicken Mama! I'll try to get it mailed off to you before the weekend.

Hi Shelley,
Larissa was enjoying being out of the closet and wearing something colorful to brighten her pale skin tone!

Hi Mama Pea,
I have A LOT of unfinished projects--most of those that I finished were over half done, but it was good to get them completed.
I love making granny squares too and have a couple BIG bags filled with leftover balls of colorful acrylic yarn. I can tell there are definitely going to be more granny squares in my future!

Thanks Laura. Don't give up that learning to knit wish--you're still young!!

Happy stitching Barefoot! I was thrilled at all the different colors stashed away in those bags I hadn't looked through in a while. I started the scarf on Friday night and the hat on Sunday. I love how fast granny squares work up and how much fun they are.

Hi Mom,
Guess what? I still have those "shrink" patterns too! Maybe time to pull those out again too? I think they were around 1973-74 vintage, weren't they?

Thanks Heather. I keep thinking I should make some stuff in more neutral colors, but I love playing with the bright colors so much.

Thank you Red.....yours they shall be! Lots of yarn still left for a cap and I will personally deliver it to you--how does that sound?

Hi Mary C,
I'll never forget when I got my first job with "real" paychecks (1977)--I marched myself right down to the Woolworth's store and bought enough yarn to make a granny square afghan. I worked on that afghan for months and finally got it finished and it's still in my closet. I love granny squares!
P.S. I hope Red isn't too suspicious of you following her around..... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Some people love Granny Squares, it's called vintage style. We saw it here first.


Cindie U. said...
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Cindie U. said...

I love both the pictures...the half-mitts are the prettiest pink and the funky granny squares remind me of my grandma's couch. I think you should make a bunch of both of these and post them on your etsy store. They'd all sell in a minute...I see several prospective customers already!

Red said...

Sounds like a good plan to me :) Can't wait!

And as for my stalker... 0_0

Jaime said...

Oh how I love Larissa and her beautiful crocheted ensemble. I haven’t crocheted anything in so long but I feel inspired to pick up those hooks. Thanks!

Mary said...

I really like the hat and scarf Larissa is wearing. Ruthie, I'd order a few things from you if we wore sweaters here. I just can't do it - the old body overheats and I rip them off.

Nice stuff!

Mel said...

Oh Ruthie,
You are SO talented!

Leedra said...

I have been thinking about making some of the half gloves. Great for using the camera in the cold.

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