Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why Do Cats Do This?

I was trying to get my checkbook balanced before supper, but as soon as I got up to heat up some vegetables in the microwave, Penny saw my empty chair and proceeded to park her extensive girth on my recently vacated work space.

Why is it that hours can go by and you never see the cat, but the minute you sit down at the table and try to get something done, she's right there?

Penny adores Mr. Johnson. I don't think he feels the same way about her--especially when he's trying to get some work done!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You don't have to pretend she wants to be petted. She is really awaiting what she thinks you are planning...dinner. She can't read after all. She just thinks you two are perusing cookbooks.

Lynne said...

Maybe she just wants a front row seat for any food to hit the table!

Susan Gets Native said...

That cat is...well...EXPANSIVE.
Dang. Does she beep when she backs up???
: )

dAwN said...

my goodness the kittie is a chunky monkey....but very cute I might add...and rather concerned about the bills. Maybe she is waiting for her check.

Red said...

Each of ours have designated times and places for that :D

Cash will jump on a vacated computer chair and get comfy.

Tango will walk all over Mom's keyboard as she's trying to get a post done.

Tornado will hop up on a vacated chair at the dinner table the instant you get up to get ketchup or salt or whatever.

Misty who has claimed only me, will be in front of whatever book I'm reading in whatever position or chair I decide to be in... but only when I'm reading a book.

Midnight gets in your face and rubs all over anything you have in your hands - pen, book, etc until you put it down and pet her.

Penny is a cutie pie, but wow, not so flattering a shot of her lounging on your checkbook, lol! Standing up I guess she doesn't look as well-fed :D

Anonymous said...

Just another female smitten with Mr Johnson!!!! LOL

Dana and Daisy said...

lol! That is just like Daisy! I will answer your question why with the same answer to a question I asked once about a young woman who was a blonde bombshell but carrying a new born baby in a carrier wearing spiked red heals. When I asked a friend why would she be wearing those shoes, my friend said, "Because she can."

Kelly said...

Haha! Very funny...and so true! Bip does the same thing...usually dancing around on the keyboard while I'm trying to type.

Meggie said...

Kitties like to be the center of attention but only when THEY want to be, not when we want them to be. Only cat lovers know how entertaining and obstinate they can be.

Jayne said...

Tee hee hee... she's a hoot, that Penny. :c)

Got the slippers Ruthie... thanks! They will be enjoyed!

jan m said...

I can relate Ruth. My cat, Mustard, is sprawled across me and my laptop at the moment. Thank goodness I don't have to see the keyboard to type!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lisa,
She's not much for people food, but we ran out of the cat treats I keep on the table and Mr. Johnson's the old softy who usually gives them to her ("can't you see she's starving?" is what he usually says to me)

Hi Lynne,
Some meals are much more appealing to her--she really likes when we get carry-out from a local Bar-B-Que place.

Hi Susan,
Penny has really thick fur! ;-)

Hi Dawn,
Chunky Monkey for sure! Food and petting, that's all she cares about and she's figured out both are available on this table!

Hi Red,
You really have a crazy cat house! Isn't it fun how all their personalities are different?
(And unfortunately, Penny looks just as large when she's standing up)

Hi Sissy,
You got that right--you should see her face when she jumps up on his lap and gazes up at him.....I can hear her purring all the way across the room.

How True, Dana! Cats definitely make our lives more interesting.

Hi Kelly,
There's too much junk on my desk for her to get up there while I'm typing, but as soon as I get up from the desk chair--she claims it.

Hi Meggie,
That's for sure. I'm glad she's not one of those anti-social kitties.

Hi Jayne,
Penny definitely adds a lot of entertainment value at home--especially when she's playing with Sophie.
Glad you like the slippers--I got the USPS notice that they had arrived.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Jan,
Sounds like Mustard has your undivided attention (almost!)

Shellmo said...

Penny just wants to make sure everyone knows who's in charge and that there's enough money to feed her! Lol! Very cute photo!

danielle said...

Yes, I would much rather pet her than pay bills. :-)

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy and Boris always help me with balancing the checkbook, or for that matter help me on the computer. That's what cats are for, to help us. They also like to help sort laundry, fold laundry and jump in the basket with the folded stuff for a free ride going up the stairs to put everything away. What would we do without our furry friends??????


Deb said...

I was in bed all day yesterday with a 24 hour flu bug, and Bloof (actually Blue Flame) decided it was his duty to cuddle with me. It's times like that cats are nice to have around. Well, dogs too. Sally was also there.

KGMom said...

Does Penny do the bit with tugging at the edge of paper with her paw? That's a trick our cats do--plop on the paper (usually newspaper) then sit there and keep tugging with paws at the edge.
I think part of the behavior comes from the need to remind you that SHE--the cat--is NUMERO UNO.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Shelley,
Penny's a very funny cat. She's the only cat we've ever had who actually "likes" the vet too.

You got that right Danielle! Petting the kitty while paying bills makes that whole process less stressful.

Hi Mom,
Well since I've only seen Fuzzy once and never petted her, I'll have to take your word for it. At least Boris makes up for his "invisible" sister.

Hi Deb,
I hope you're feeling better now. Since I let the house get pretty cool at night, Penny usually has to be under the covers--it's nice to have her big, warm, furry body curled up next to me (and she doesn't snore like another big, warm body in the bed!)

Hi Donna,
Penny usually doesn't mess with the papers much, but loves to knock pens off the table.

Cindie U. said...

Hey, that's the first time I've seen Mr. J...Hi Ruthie's husband!!

Heather said...

Ha! I love it. Whenever our cat used to spread out her expansiveness on something like that, I would call her "Blobb-O Cat." In the second picture Mr. Johnson looks like he's pounding his fist on the table, as if to say "Dang it cat, earn you keep and learn how to balance the books!" Makes me miss my kittehs!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Cindie,
funny story--At a previous job, I took a picture of me and Mr Johnson to work and one of my co-workers (who had never seen him before either) asked if he was my dad! That white hair makes him look a lot older than me!

Hi Heather,
I keep wanting to take a picture of kitty lounging by her food dish too, but it would be too embarassing. Penny is definitely a Blobb-O Cat! I'm going to get the lecture from the vet again when she comes for Penny's check-up.