Friday, April 3, 2009

Some Finished Knitting Projects

I've finished a few knitting projects in the last week and thought I would share them with you today.

Now that winter is almost over, I finally finished Sophie's sweater. This is the Biscuits and Bones Dog Coat - a free pattern from the Patons yarn company. If you really love your dog and also really love to knit cables, you'll really love this pattern!
I had this sweater half done and found that it was way too large at the first fitting session, so I ripped it all the way back to the "armholes" and started over. As you can see in the photo below, it's still too big around Sophie's chest, but it's done now and she's just going to have to wear it that way (because she's just a dog and none of her friends are going to laugh at her at school anyway).
Here's one more picture, just because I love tormenting her with the camera! Silly dog--why is she so terrified of the camera?

Here's the completed "North Star Scarf" that I started a few months ago from the Donna Druchunas book called "Arctic Lace." This scarf is one of my "pay it forward" projects, but I can't send it to the recipient until the end of May because I'm going to enter it "photo/art/crafts contest" at the upcoming Minnesota Master Naturalists conference. I thought this might be an appropriate entry because Minnesota is the North Star State.
This scarf is approximately 8.5 inches wide and 64 inches long. It was knitted on size 2 needles with a fine laceweight yarn called Kinair. The fiber content is nylon and superfine goat hair. Because the entire project was worked from a chart, I know for a fact that there are 32,508 stitches in this scarf! Amazing! The other really amazing thing about this scarf is how light it is. And to prove it to you, I put the scarf on my postal scale -- it weighs only 1.3 ounces!
as compared to this kiwi fruit which weighs almost 3 times as much at 3.1 ounces! I have quite a few balls of the Kinair left in my stash and next time I use this yarn I'm going to knit something for ME!

Here's something I did knit for me--a ribbed beanie. This is just some Red Heart acrylic yarn, but I really liked these earth-tone colors and since it's machine washable yarn, I can wash and wear this hat for everyday. And it sounds like I'm going to get the chance to wear it for a few weeks yet this year!

This is the "Bobbles & Leaves" tam-o-shanter, from another Paton's pattern book called "Where Did You Get That Hat?" I've never tried this pattern before and it's knitted circular from the center out. I think it turned out really pretty and because it's a tam, I got to put my dinner plate to use again as a blocking tool.

I have another knitting book that has dozens of charts for Fair Isle knitting designs, so I took one of the basic "96 stitch" stocking hats and created my own design for this hat. Hats are a good way to try new patterns, use up those leftover skeins of yarn from other projects and they go pretty fast (all of the hats in this post took me about 6 hours to knit).

I'm starting to notice a "nature" theme in many of the things I've been knitting lately, either with the yarns (earth tones or natural fibers) or the patterns (leaves, stars, snowflakes). When I started this blog, I called it Nature Knitter because I was a knitter and spent a lot of time out in nature, but now it seems that even my knitting has taken on a nature theme. Hmmmmm, what's it all mean?

Oh yeah, here's one more remember this little shawl I finished back in November and then I decided I didn't like the way it hung off my shoulders and I was going to try and fix that with some beads or something? Well, that's exactly what I did! I found some pretty, clear glass beads in the shape of a leaf (nature again!) and sewed one to each point on the edge of this shawl. The weight of the bead is just enough to give the edge of the shawl a little more weight and this makes it hang much nicer, plus the colorless beads don't clash with all the other colors in the shawl.

So anyway, that's the latest on the Nature Knitter scene. I'm looking forward to another weekend of marathon knitting to take my mind off the "winter storm" the weather service is predicting for us (6 inches of snow?? unbelievable!)


Shellmo said...

You are just so talented Ruthie! Sophie looks good in blue - I love that sweater on her!! And that north star scarf is so delicately pretty!

Lynne said...

More snow just makes me want to cry!
I'm sicksicksicksicksicksicksickofit!

(i feel better now...)

All of your finished projects turned out beautifully!

Anything to report on your Master Naturalist classes?

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Shelley.

I know Lynne, me too!
Our last Master Naturalist class was geology, so I can report that the rock I have my hats on in those 2 pictures is a metamorphic rock! No class last week and our class next week is on terrestrial plant identification--I'll try to remember to take my camera for a full report.

Mama Pea said...

Oh, stop. You're just too danged talented. You absolutely blow me away with your gorgeous knitting. I vacillate between being inspired and thinking I should break my needles and give my yarn away.

Seriously though . . . I LOVE seeing all your projects . . . and I think Sophie will be the best dressed dog in the next snow storm!

KGMom said...

I can hear those needles clicking now!
WOW. You have been busy.
Awww--Sophia looks good. My dog has enough fur that a sweater would be gilding the lily.
I love the pattern on the scarf--but it looks hard. I am chicken where hard patterns are concerned.
By the way--I FINALLY finished the prayer shawl. I need to put a fringe on it, then I will offer it to our pastor for whoever needs some loving warmth.
Yesterday, I went yarn snooping. I think I will make my next prayer shawl with varigated wool using the trinity pattern.

Heather said...

Ruthie, I love the "Biscuits and Bones" thing - that is the cutest!! It looks very good on Sophie - nice color for her. The lace scarf is also incredible. I'm glad that the beads worked out on the shawl. That was good thinkin'!

NCmountainwoman said...

I just love them all. I'm sure the North Star took a lot of time. It is truly lovely.

Anonymous said...


If Sophie's sweater is to big, knit a little belt with a couple of bottons on it and then it is adjustable. Sew it on in one place and she will be ready to go again. That is such a pretty color on her, I'll bet she is the best dressed dog in the neighborhood.

Congrats on all the finished projects.


Susan Gets Native said...

In my humble opinion, BEADS are ALWAYS the answer!

Love that scarf. Weighs less than a kiwi. I love that you weighed it!

cindy said...

I'm with you and Lynne, enough with winter already!!!! On a nicer note...what beautiful work you do.

Gaelyn said...

Ruthie you are one busy and accomplished knitter. That scarf looks lacey and soft. Wow, so light. I love the shawl and adding the beads looks really great. Of course you have a nature theme, you're a naturalist. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful projects.

I used to own a yarn shop but haven't knitted in years.

Jayne said...

All these projects leave me smiling and speechless Ruthie. You are so very talented! :c) I'll pray that maybe the snow goes to your north?

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Mama Pea! My goal is to inspire and always remember that I've been knitting for about 40 years and love to try new patterns (especially the free ones!)

Hi Donna,
I'm glad you like the scarf because you are the PIF recipient! Sorry I didn't get it done for you to wear while it was still cold, but I'm sure you'll appreciate it next winter....for being so light, it's really quite warm.
I'm glad you got your prayer shawl done and are thinking very seriously about starting another.

Thanks Heather. I'm just glad to be getting some of these older projects finished up.

Thanks Carolyn. The North Star scarf was worked from a chart and each pattern repeat was 56 rows (there were 9 repeats). I could do one pattern repeat in a little over 2 hours, so the whole scarf probably only took about 20 hours. It was challenging but fun and I am very happy with the finished scarf.

Thanks for the tip Mom....I could probably knit a little belt with the leftover yarn and that would work out well.

Thanks Susan. I knew the scarf was light, so that's why I was curious enough to weigh it.

Thanks Cindy. Your county isn't in the blizzard warning area is it? I did see a long-range forecast showing 56 by next Friday, so maybe if we can just get through the next few days, spring will finally get here!

Thanks Gaelyn. I have a knitting friend I would love to open a yarn shop with--especially with all the renewed interest in knitting.

Hi Jayne,
I just listened to the forecast and it sounds like the worst of the snow will stay south of us, so that's good for us here in Rochester, but not for my mom and dad who have a winter storm warning now for their county!

~Molly~ said...

Just beautiful Ruthie! All of them!!!


KGMom said...

OH GOODIE--you know, I have been too shy to mention anything. People that know me should know that I rarely jump up and down, and say ME ME (although, I confess, I am doing so inside).

Now to get my PIF wheels turning. I have been thinking and mulling.

Meggie said...

Good...ness, Ruthie! You have been one busy gal!! I especially like the white lace delicate. Poor Sophie, guess she's no Heidi Klum.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your projeccts look great Ruthie. Sophie doesn't look like she is too wild about her sweater. It must have been too warm the day you took pictures. Ha

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Molly.

That's OK Donna, I totally understand. When I signed up for my first PIF, I really didn't think anything would come of it and then months later the package arrived in the mail and I had to get busy!

Thanks Meggie. Sophie's the only dog I've ever had that will actually keep "clothes" on--our other two dogs would have never allowed me to put anything on them.

Thanks Lisa. Sophie doesn't mind the sweater as much as she minds the camera and she was actually panting before I got the sweater off her. She's such a silly puppeh!

Mary C said...

Interesting weather forecast, Ruthie. 30% chance of precip. for today; 100% chance of snow for Sunday, and only 30% chance of snow for Monday. It looks like it's going to be a fast and furious storm going through. I'm sure you'll be keeping Sophie's sweater nearby, as well as your Lena sweater and your new hat. I love all your finished projects. It's such a good feeling of accomplishment when so many projects can be checked off as complete. Way to go, girlfriend!

dAwN said...

You certainly are a Nature knitter..beautiful creations!
What a lucky pup to wear such a nice sweater!

jan m said...

All of your projects are beautiful Ruthie. I love the colors that you use.

Taos Sunflower said...

Love them all...especially the dog sweater and your shawl. Great idea to use the beads.

troutbirder said...

MMmmm. I showed Baron the GSD Sophies blue sweater and now he wants me to make him one just like it. This is gonna take some explaining...

Red said...

Aw, poor Sophie! You would think by now she would get over her camera shyness :) I can't blame her though, I prefer to be behind the lens myself.

Beautiful job on your projects. Good luck in the showing of the North Star Scarf... it's just beautiful! Looks very soft too.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary C,
Well the predicted snow storm was a non-event--we ended up with only an inch of snow and that was mostly melted by noon (YEA!) We won't put the winter coats away until May 1st, but the forecasts sound spring-like for the rest of the week.

Thanks Dawn.

Thanks Jan. I have so much yarn stashed away that it's always surprising to see what I can find once I've decided on a pattern.

Thanks Martie. I was happy to find those beads and also to find out that once they were sewn on that they served as I had hoped.

Hi Troutbirder,
I'm thinking something in a nice navy or forest green for Baron.....

Thanks Heidi.
I can't figure out Sophie either--shoot a gun and it doesn't phase her, but when she hears the camera turn on or that little beep when my cell phone battery is low she's terrified!

Jaime said...

You are totally amazing! I just love your knitting projects so much and always feel inspired to pick up my needles after I see them.

Aleta said...

Your projects are awesome! I love to knit also. If you go to my Poplar Holler Primitives blog, you can check out a knitted felted purse that I just finished.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Jaime. Be sure to check out Knitting Pattern Central when you get a chance -- they have oodles of really cute patterns for kids!

Thanks for stopping by my blog Aleta and for your kinds words. I'll check out your blog.

Windyridge said...

These are all gorgeous projects!