Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Transplants, Sprouts & A New Camera

My veggie seeds are doing well since I transplanted them into their individual "pots" last Friday. Here I have 3 different kinds of tomatoes and some broccoli. I put them out on the deck a couple hours yesterday afternoon for a little fresh air and sunshine.

Penny sez, "I approve of these sprouts being grown for my noms!"

Here are some radishes just beginning to sprout in my garden. I checked when I got home from work today and there are some tiny lettuce sprouts just beginning to make their appearance also.

A few weeks ago, after reading Jennifer's post about her new camera and seeing the wonderful pictures it took, I decided to take the plunge and purchase one for myself.
I've been wanting a smaller, more portable and less expensive camera than my big Canon PowerShot and this seems to be the perfect little camera. In fact, the first 3 photos on this post were taken by my new camera. Now I have a nice little pocket-sized camera to carry along on walks, to my naturalist classes, in my bag to work, or wherever there's a chance I might have that perfect photo opportunity (as long as I don't forget it!)


Aleta said...

Hi, Ruthie -
Looks like your garden will be a nice one! We planted our tomatoes two nights ago. We have radishes probably about ready to pull, and we have lots of other stuff already planted too. But, then, we're a bit earlier than you are there.
I'm thinking about getting a smaller camera too one of these days. That looks like a nice one.
When you get a chance, stop by my blog and take a look at something I put on there for you.
Have a great day!

NCmountainwoman said...

Sweet little camera. I plan to get one as well. Can't lug the big old thing everywhere I go.

Nice photographs, especially the kitty.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Aleta,
I hope my garden is successful this year. Now that things are starting to sprout I have to get the fence up to keep bunnies & deer out. I planted beans, carrots, onions, peas and beets too and am hoping once they sprout we don't have any more frosty nights!
Thanks for the award. :-) You're a sweetie!

Hi Carolyn,
I really like the fact that this camera came in BROWN! It will be nice for out in the woods--no more shiny silver camera hanging around my neck!

Red said...

Now how did you keep Penny from munching off all the leaves? LOL, looks like you may have caught her in the nick of time.

Your new Canon looks a lot like my old Kodak. I still keep it around and yes, it's still handy. Of course your megapixels are surely much more, so you'll come up with crisper images. Can't wait to hear how you handle more than one camera :)

Anonymous said...

Nice "sprouts" and it looks like Penney thinks they're special [maybe just for her].

Cool camera, I sure like my Kodak, it fits in everything including my jeans pocket and it is very handy.

Have fun with your garden and camera.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

oh yes, shes a beauty. You will have lots of fun with it. I have a small Canon Power Shot A640 and it is wonderful. I think you will be happy with yours.

Mama Pea said...

They make the small cameras so nice these days that I don't think you'll be disappointed in your pictures . . . and you'll be so much more apt to have it with you all the time.

Your sprouts look lovely, so neat and orderly. I envy you having things starting to pop in the garden ALREADY!

Ruth said...

I love my Canon 20x zoom Powershot, but my smaller Canon Elph SD850 takes great pictures. I always use it for macro shots. What did we do before digital cameras??

Gaelyn said...

Seems everyone is buying cameras. And Canon is high on the list. I just bought that exact same camera, and so far am very happy with it. I need something small enough to wear on my hip wherever I go. Have fun with it.

Nice to see sprouts instead of snow.

Jayne said...

I am thinking I need to invest in a smaller one too Ruthie. I love my DSLR, I do, but unless I am going on a planned outing, it's too cumbersome, not to mention expensive to leave in the car. Let me know how you like the PowerShot. :c)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Heidi,
Those plants were only in front of Penny for as long as it took to snap that photo. She has some sort of "cat radar" that detects whenever there are plants within her reach!
My new little camera is 10 megapixels and a 4X zoom. My goal is to learn how to digiscope with it.

Thanks Mom. The transplants mostly reside on top of the entertainment to keep them Penny-Proof.

Thanks Lisa. I think this new camera has more functions than my other one--lots of features in a tiny little package!

Hi Mama Pea,
Since this has been such an unpredictable spring, I think I'm taking a bit of a chance planting all those seeds already. The tomatoes definitely won't go outside until the middle of May.

Hi Ruth,
I was thinking about that the other day too as I was deleting a bunch of "inferior" shots and imagining what it would have cost me to have them developed on film and then end up throwing them away. Digital Rocks!

Hi Gaelyn,
I saw that on your blog the other day too about your new camera. I'm sure it will be your constant companion this coming summer!

Hi Jayne,
So far I like this camera a lot. It will take me a while to figure out all the features though. I liked staying with Canon because a lot of the commands are the same and I prefer taking pictures by looking through the viewfinder instead of trying to get the shot via the preview window.

Wade said...

Nice picture of those plants!! I like this cannon camera... I too have one which got from Adorama... I love to play with it!!

Mary C said...

Time for lots of changes, Ruthie. You even changed the look of your blog - very nice. Does your new camera have a larger preview window than the one you were using when you visited out here? 4x and 10MP sound really good for digiscoping. I chuckled when I saw that photo of Penny and your new seedlings. And I noticed in the comments that you did what I thought -- being a cat owner I know what cats are inclined to do with seedlings. :)

Heather said...

Whoa - how long have I been away? Things look different over here. I like it! I'll look forward to reports about (and pictures from) that new camera. Someday I'd like to get something smaller, I think, but I'm not sure what yet...

Dana and Daisy said...

my niece has this same camera and she loves it! She took a digital photography class last summer and although the other students wielded those SLR digital cameras with the giant lenses, she did a great job with her little camera and both her instructors commented to me how talented she is.

It's not always the tools that makes the artist!