Friday, April 16, 2010

Backyard Blooms

Spring has definitely (finally!) arrived here in southeastern Minnesota. Although we could still use a little more rain, I'm not complaining because the temps have been so warm and all these sunny days have encouraged lots of new, green growth on plants aroung the yard, plus the appearance of flowers! Here are some looks at the flowers I found out in the backyard this past Wednesday afternoon..........

Dutchman's Breeches
I dug these wildflowers up from the woods many years ago and planted them underneath the deck. Every year they spread out a little bit farther and I love their beautiful foliage and cute blossoms.

I planted probably about 10 of these bulbs in the side yard at least 15 years ago with visions of them naturalizing and filling the entire area with blooms every spring. Several of them have died over the years, and I'm down to only 4 blooming clumps each spring, but this year I think each clump has the most flowers I've ever seen. I always think I should cut a few and bring them in the house, but they look so much prettier out in the backyard.

Nanking Cherry
I was surprised to see these Nanking Cherry shrubs covered with blossoms! A neighbor gave me these plants--they were some unclaimed leftovers from a Pheasants Forever wildlife plant giveaway. Even though these aren't native Minnesota plants, they've done pretty good in the crappy clay soil of my backyard (and when the bunnies don't get a chance to munch on the lower branches during the winter). I hope most of these blossoms turn into cherries because the birds absolutely LOVE them! Once the cherries ripen, the birds will completely strip the branches clean of fruit in less than a day.
The flowers are really pretty, but have no discernible fragrance (at least to my nose).

Little Blue Hyacinths
These pretty little blue flower are blooming in the perennial butterfly garden on the southeast side of my house. It's nice to see this spot of color in a garden where it will be several weeks before the rest of the flowers start blooming.


Gaelyn said...

You definately have Spring and your backyard looks lovely.

Mama Pea said...

I think you could definitely say, "Spring is busting out all o-over . . . " :o)

dAwN said...

your garden is blooming beautifully..Those wild flowers you planted are real pretty and delicate looking.
Glad that spring has sprung there!

Anonymous said...

Wanna come and see my dandelions? They are ready to bloom. I really don't have many flowers anymore. I like your Dutchman's breeches, do you have any bluebells, they are blooming in the woods.
I'm still watching the eagle nest near your home. We have seen cars parked on the road near the nest, I think they are watching to see the eagles. We saw a white head one day, that's a good sign.


Jayne said...

I've never heard of that Nanking Cherry.... so pretty! I love seeing so much in bloom now. Makes suffering all the cold worth it. :c)

Bonnie said...

Yeah for SPRING! I love Hyacinths. I have tried to plant them a few times, but they would only come up for one year. I think I have to try them again. This is going on my wish list.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Gaelyn.

That's for sure Mama Pea.....mowed the lawn for the first time yesterday too!

Thanks Dawn. I'm glad too--it's nice not to have to bundle up to go outside anymore.

Hi Mom,
I noticed the dandelions are really starting to bloom today. Saw plenty of bluebells yesterday when we were out setting up turkey blinds too.

Hi Jayne,
I had never heard of it either and I never turn down free trees and shrubs for the birds. This is the first time I can remember them having so many blossoms though. The bees really like them too!

Hi Bonnie,
You can't tell it from the picture, but these are tiny little hyacinths--the blooms are probably only about 1.5 inches. They come back every year and are even spreading out into the lawn from the raised bed they're planted in. I hope you find some you like.