Sunday, June 6, 2010

Big Backyard Doe!

In just the last week, we've been seeing this big doe in the backyard at various times during the day and night. While I was doing yesterday's blog post, she showed up again around 8:30 PM to snack on some corn. Mr. Johnson just happened to be at the kitchen window at the right time and spotted her.

Isn't she pretty? This is a really big doe and after seeing her rear view as she was walking away, it was very evident that she has nursing fawns somewhere.

She walked through the backyard and stopped once more to munch on the leaves of some low-hanging branches on the apple trees.

Bye now Mrs. Deer. Hope you'll be bringing those babies by for a visit soon!


Carol said...

I've been trying for years to get the deer to come to the back yard...I had a nice timed deer feeder...ended up relocating over 30 racoon..fat and sassy ones..LOL

KGMom said...

She is very pretty indeed.
And graceful too.

I enjoy seeing these photos of a real live deer. Where we live--so close to several interstate highways--mostly what I see are dead deer, the result of road kill. Always makes me sad.

Gaelyn said...

She looks very healthy. Hope she brings the little ones by.

I'm seeing more mule deer here but they still have a winter scruffiness about them.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Carol,
The deer aren't always here, and earlier this winter it wasn't unusual to see 5-6 at a time. I'm thinking a little later this summer, once the little ones are getting around on their own that the activity will pick up once again. Right now, I'm using about 50 lbs of corn every couple weeks for them. Other critters like the corn too, but I have yet to spot any raccoons.

Hi Donna,
We're right next to a 4-lane highway here too. Occasionally a deer will get hit there and it always makes me sad knowing that it was probably one that I've fed in the backyard. I don't know why they think they have to try crossing the road when there's all sorts of good food and cover right here on our side!

Hi Gaelyn,
I was surprised by how big and nice she looked too. It's always nice to see a healthy deer and I'm hoping she'll bring twins around when she finally does bring those fawns for a visit.

stephen said...

She is quite an elegant lady.

I hope she decides to bring the young to your yard. It'll be delightful to see your photographs of them.

During my drive to Northwestern Wisconsin I saw quite a few live deer in the fields along the route, and was excited beyond description to watch as a Doe and her fawns crossed the road, and to see that the few vehicles that were traveling along the route had also stopped to allow them to cross.

Anonymous said...

She certainly is beautiful in her summer coat. I to hope she brings her babies for all to see.


Taos Sunflower said...

How awesome! We've often talked about putting a salt lick and stock tank of water out in our front yard, in hopes of finally seeing the elk that we are living with, but we haven't done it for fear it might encourage poachers from our area. What great photos these are. She is just beautiful.