Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Furry Children

I haven't posted any stories about my furry children (AKA pets) lately, but found these pictures on my camera, so that will be a good topic for today's post.

Here's lazy old Sophie. It was bedtime, but she didn't want to budge from this comfortable spot on the couch for her last outside potty break of the evening. Since she hates the camera and will usually get up and run away whenever I turn it on, I decided to try taking her picture. Amazingly enough she laid there long enough for me to get this pretty good picture before she finally decided to get up.
Of the 3 German Shorthairs we've had over the years, Sophie's probably been the one most troubled with a variety of health issues. She's now 12 & 1/2 years old and slowing down quite a bit. A few weeks ago she had a tumor? or infection? lesion that broke open on her left hind leg. The fine needle aspirate that our vet collected and sent to the pathologist was inconclusive. There were a few infection and cancerous cells present, but nothing definitive. We treated Sophie with 30 days' worth of antibiotics and the leg cleared up pretty good. Sophie also has an abscessed tooth which the antibiotics were supposed to help too. Sophie's had a heart murmur for years and the vet also found on her visit that this heart murmur has gotten worse.......worse enough, in fact that we opted out of the regular distemper shot and heartworm medication because of Sophie's failing health. That was a very sad day for me......Sophie is my baby! We will continue to keep her as comfortable and happy as possible for her remaining days. As with our other dogs, the vet says we will know when it's time to make that sad last appointment, but I'm sure not looking forward to it.

This isn't a pet picture, but leading up to it. A couple years ago, I found this great little hassock at Wal-Mart. It was never actually used as a hassock, as it's the perfect spot for storing knitting projects. If I can move all the knitting crap off, the top lifts off to reveal more storage inside the hassock.

A couple weeks ago I was looking for a particular pattern book that I thought was inside this hassock. I took the lid off the hassock and set it on the floor, found the pattern I was looking for, and then got distracted with another project. A half-hour later I went back in the living room to find that Penny had made herself comfortable on the half-finished knitting projects inside! She looks pretty content, don't you think?
Cat + Yarn = Happiness!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

That's so sad about your Sophie. It's so difficult when the time draws near and you can see their frailties. Love the shot of Penny! It's about time you gave your hassock to her!

Anonymous said...

We have always enjoyed your pets, they are our furry grand-pets. We have even inherited a couple of them over the years when they got in trouble at your house. Penney looks so comfy in the hassock, a new bed.


KGMom said...

Ruthie--I completely empathize with the "this pet is my baby" and dreading the time when it is necessary to let go. Here's hoping for good times for the time that remains.
And the cat climbing into the avaiable space. So familiar.

troutbirder said...

How sweet. My first ever dog was a Golden Retruver -German Shorthair cross and could he hunt, I think the Shorthair part gave him the amazing nose. I'll bet you have lots of good stories about yours. :)

Mama Pea said...

Really enjoyed the pictures of your kids. It's always hard but we have to prepare ourselves for the end of our pets' lives 'cause they just don't ever live as long as we would like them too. Just keep remembering what a wonderful life you've given them.

Mary C said...

Oh Ruthie - oh, poor Sophie. My heart goes out to you/your family. We've been noticing how much one of my son's dogs has slowed down (he's 13-1/2 yrs old). I love that photo of Penny -- reminds me of our cats.

Gaelyn said...

I'm sorry to hear that Sophie is failing. Yet I'm sure she and you have had a wonderful 12.5 years together.
Penny certainly looks comfortable.

Ruth said...

Our dog is now 12-1/2 too and it is hard to see them develop problems with age. But they are so loving and appreciative of their human family inspite of their physical challenges. Nice photos of your furry family.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Lynne. Penny's spoiled, but she's still not getting the hassock!

Hi Mom,
And my furry children have always enjoyed their visits from Grammy & Grampy!

Thanks Donna. Now you're going through the same thing with Tipper. Hope she has a speedy recovery!

Hi Ray,
Sophie was never trained to be a hunter, but she has a super nose and some good retriever instincts too!

Thanks Mama Pea. I always spoiled my furry children, but now that they're getting older, it's a lot easier to justify it!

Thank you Mary. Their lives are so short, but they bring us so much joy while they're with us.

You're right Gaelyn.....we've had lots of good times together and still enjoying them.

Thanks Ruth. Sophie's still happy to see me every day (even though I'm the person shoving pills down her throat & scheduling vet visits!)

stephen said...

I'm saddened to read the news about Sophie. It's difficult to know that the time of passing is drawing near. Please know that you, Mr.J., Sophie, and Penny are in our thoughts and hearts.
Nice of Penny to share her yarn and hassock with you. She's so sweet.

RuthieJ said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts Stephen!