Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cutest Twins in the Neighborhood!

I finally got the opportunity to photograph the cutest twins in our neighborhood! We've been watching these two since early summer, but now they've become more independent and are venturing out in the neighborhood without the watchful presence of their mom. Typical teenagers, I guess!

These annoying flies keep biting my legs!

Aren't my spots are adorable?

If we don't move, will people think we are lawn ornaments?

It's so nice here in the shade.

Do you mind people? I'm trying to relax here!

Look out for cars!

Are you still taking pictures?


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Oh, Ruthie! Lucky you! The young ones are so pretty. All curled up on the lawn!

Gaelyn said...

They really look healthy, and bold. Nice lawn ornaments.

Jayne said...

What sweet, sweet yard ornaments Ruthie!

Anonymous said...

The spotted babies look to be a pretty good size already. They are so beautiful and cute.


Bonnie said...

I think they are truly wonderful!

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Lynne. I can't believe how tame they are!

Hi Gaelyn,
We thought they were still pretty small and had lots of spots yet for this late in the summer. Hopefully they'll stick around in the neighborhood where it's safe and make it through the winter.

Thanks Jayne. I think they're pretty darn sweet too and such a treat to see them so close.

Hi Mom,
We were surprised they still had so many spots yet since it's almost September. Hopefully they'll stay around the neighborhood where there's plenty of flowers and birdseed to feast on.

Thanks Bonnie. Fortunately, I've never had a problem with them feasting on lilies or hostas. They seem to enjoy eating the corn I put out every nite and feasting on windfall apples under my trees.

Penelope said...

How lovely. I've never seen them (even in photos) at that stage -- quite mature looking but still bearing spots.

Taos Sunflower said...

Aren't they just the sweetest things? Love those photos.

Mollie said...

How wonderful! And I love your captions!! I can see why they will hang around your place: corn, apples, flowers, birdseed! I hope they stick close by all winter long (and away from the hunters!). The "lawn ornament" photos are a hoot! Who needs those plastic ones when you have the real deal. Enjoy!! Would you put out hay bales for them in the winter or will they go stay in the woods?

KGMom said...

Oh, I would love to have such twins in my yard--I think. We have had a small herd of deer from time to time in our very suburban area. I do worry about them getting hit by cars or whatever.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Penny. I always think it's a treat to see them as little Bambi's and when they're right in the neighborhood, it's even more special.

Sweet as candy! Thanks Martie.

Thanks Mollie. I've never put out any bedding for them in the winter, just corn. Sometimes I see evidence that they've bedded down under the evergreen trees or other sheltered spots in the backyard, but I think they still prefer to hide out in the woods and fortunately those wild areas haven't been taken from them yet in our neighborhood.

I know what you mean Donna. I have been fortunate that they have done very little damage in munching any plants in my backyard. The bad thing is this major 4-lane highway running right past our house. It always makes me sad when I see that one of our "neighborhood" deer has lost its life due to a vehicle collision.

stephen said...


Thank you for sharing them with us.

With viewing your images and reading your posts I've realized that I have got to get out of this city and into the rural areas more often!!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Stephen,
Anytime you get down Rochester way, let me're always welcome to a come for a tour of my backyard!