Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let's Release Some Monarch Butterflies!

Quite a few monarch butterflies are starting to emerge in the monarch ranch. It's always cool to see the wing colors develop and know that a new butterfly will be born in a couple days.

This picture isn't very clear, but this is what the chrysalis looks like on the morning the butterfly will emerge -- dark and almost ready to pop. No surprises about what's going to happen today!

Last Thursday morning, 4 butterflies emerged from their chrysalis. This is what I saw when I got home from work that day. The monarch ranch is a very busy place these days.

Before they're ready to be released out into my backyard wildflower garden, the monarch butterflies spend the morning in the ranch drying out and stretching their wings. That's always my favorite part -- attaching the sticker tag to its wing and documenting another successful release of a monarch butterfly that I raised from a baby.

They always seem to be happy to be out in the sunlight and fresh air.

Sometimes they'll fly away immediately and other times they like to sit on the flowers and enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun.

Here's a little video I made on Thursday afternoon......please excuse my moment of ADHD in this video. It was the first Great Spangled Fritillary I've seen in the backyard this summer!


Jayne said...

How fun to see you release one of your babies Ruthie! I will have to forward this post to my sissy. :c)

Gaelyn said...

It's so interesting to see all the phases of transformation in the ranch. Must be sort of like letting your children go.

Ruth said...

Wow! I love that third picture. You really are farming monarchs!

Heather said...

So cool, Ruthie. You really are an inspiration to me. I want to raise butterflies next year, for sure. I might have to email you if I have questions...! ;)

dAwN said...

This is so very cool Ruthie..i am enjoying all this posts about your monarch ranching!

ebirchenoughmsdm2 said...

Hey cool I've never heard of a butterfly farm and have always liked to watch and catch them, letting them go of course.