Sunday, January 20, 2013

Let's Eat

My friend Lynne gave me this little round mesh birdfeeder a few years ago.  It's designed to feed black oil sunflower seeds, but I fill it with cardinal mix (containing sunflower seeds -- shelled & whole, safflower seeds, and shelled peanuts).  All of the birdies love this feeder and to alleviate the mess of shells on the patio below, I added a tray feeder beneath to help catch the mess, plus it give the birds another place for dining.  I have this feeder hanging right outside the dining room window so I can enjoy the view of the amazing variety of birds the feeder attracts.

 Red-Bellied Woodpecker (male)

Pine Siskins really love it!

Pine Siskin & Cardinal

Black-Capped Chickadee & Downy Woodpecker

Female Cardinal & House Sparrows


More Goldfinches

Stereo Chickadees

Thanks for this feeder Lynne!  My birds and I really enjoy it!


Jayne said...

What a neat feeder! Looks like all your visitors like it a lot. It's always neat to find one that is a big hit. :c)

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Jayne. It is a lot of fun to see at the different birds up close & especially the different ways they're able to get their seed from it.

Gaelyn said...

I like your solution to the mess and that's a great feeder. It is fun to watch who shows up.

KGMom said...

...but what about the squirrels? Do they also "like" it?
We have almost as many squirrels as birds, so we try to get feeders that are "squirrel-proof" (although I am not sure there is such a feeder).
I like all the different bird photos.

Mollie said...

What a treat seeing all those different birds. I like the "stereo chickadees" in particular--such a rare sighing!

troutbirder said...

Great pics Ruthie. I've been amazed how many birds prefer the nuts I been getting a Avian Acres over the usual suet cakes.

Heliconia Rostrata said...

This is wonderful birdfeeder. When the birds eat from it. It is look so nice. Thank you for sharing wonderful feeder.

My Complaint said...

Great!! I have no word to explain your post. This is awesome post.

FoxyLady said...

I love the "box" feeder under the ball to help catch what they drop. A great idea. Between the squirrels and the deer at my place, not much ever goes to waste anyway. :)
Foxy Lady

Mollie said...

That would be "sighting!" Not "sighing." Freudian slip?

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Gaelyn. That tray has the added benefit of allowing the bigger birds like cardinals & bluejays to enjoy the seeds in this feeder.

You know Donna, the squirrels haven't been a problem at all. I sometimes see as many as 6 in the backyard, but they tend to stay away from the house -- no telling when a very large dog will come blasting out that back door trying to catch them!

Thanks Mollie, it's a treat for me too! Sighing over a sighting is not unusual! ;-)

Oh Ray, I love Avian Acres, but it's so far away from my house. I haven't been there in years.....glad to hear you're getting some good results with his products & that he's still in business.

Thank you Foxy Lady.