Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Few Moments of Panic

I attended a "mandatory" Manpower meeting at work yesterday. Here's what they told us:

"Due to a business need, there will be a 2-week work reduction for the Manpower employees supporting the Rochester Mfg. site. The 2-week work reduction will start on Jan. 12th and end on Jan. 23rd. Unless you are contacted and advised otherwise, you are to return to work at your normal shift on Jan. 26th."

Gulp! Now what???

Fortunately for me, about half an hour after the meeting, I was "contacted and advised otherwise," and told that this work reduction applies to manufacturing people only and I'm still considered part of the admin group. Whew - what a relief! (for me anyway). However, Mr. Johnson is quite upset as three-quarters of his staff in Receiving is Manpower. They have only 4 full-time IBM regulars down there and he's wondering how they're going to get all of their work accomplished for those 2 weeks.

I hope this is not a sign of things to come, but I fear it will be.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Dear Ruthie. These are some scary times.

Anonymous said...

Ruthie that is so scary, do you have to look for a new job or at least have something in mind. It seems everyone is cutting back but you don't want it to be you. I will keep you in my prayers especially now.


Jayne said...

So scary Ruthie. The times we are in are so shaky right now. We are expecting 200+ positions to be eliminated at the hospital sometime this month... but thankfully, they probably won't be in clinical areas.

Dana and Daisy said...

How unsettling to have it announced that way. My husbands company has announced they are not hiring except for a few positions which are vital. They've been growing like crazy for a couple of years.

Also, I wanted to reply that Daisy looks like she is always preferring a nap, anytime.

Mel said...

Hi Ruthie,

I know the feeling. I workd for an airline 10 years ago. We were called at 4pm one day, they said we didn't need to go to work the next day and "we'll meet again in two months"... Over 3,000 people are waiting for that call... I do panic with announcements like those...

My best wishes for everyone, hopefully things will solve with a bright note for everyone.



troutbirder said...

Oh dear. This is not good. And hitting close to home.

Mama Pea said...

Not good times. Sad to say but I think this is just another sign that the tower of blocks is beginning to tumble.

Sending hope that this won't affect you and Mr. J too much . . . but it can't help but do so to some degree.

Keep up your beautiful smile and attitude. It will help everyone.

Mary C said...

Ruthie, prayers are being said for you from my corner of the world.

dAwN said...

Thats tough...I hear that from so many people..
good luck
I am going to check out your
Etsy shop now.

Priscilla said...

Oh, that's scary, especially when it hits so close to home.

The company for which I do most of my work (I'm freelance) announced to its regulars that it is freezing the payroll for the first six months of this year. After that, they'll see ....

Debbie said...

Ruthie, I am so glad your job is secure for right now. These are very difficult times for so many. I've given up watching the news and prefer to spend my time in prayer. It is the only comfort for me.

RuthieJ said...

You're right about that Lisa. I think we were all expecting something like this to happen, but certainly not on the first day back to work in the new year!

Thanks Mom. No job searching going on yet, I guess I'm safe for now. I'll just keep showing up for as long as my badge still works to get in the door.

You're right about that Jayne. A few weeks ago, Lynne mentioned some staff cuts at the hospital she works for too. I wonder who determines which jobs in a hospital are essential or not--to my way of thinking, they all are!

Hi Dana,
It kind of leaves a person to wonder if this will happen again during the year and it affects quite a few people associated with manufacturing. A little more notice would have been nice so at least people could have a chance to try and save up a little bit to cover 2 weeks without pay. It will be tough for single people or someone whose spouse doesn't have a job!

Hi Mel,
2 months? That must have been awful--especially with no advance notice. Thanks for caring!

Hi Troutbirder,
I believe there will probably be more announcements by the end of January (concerning IBM regulars). Hopefully the rumors are false.....

Mama Pea, I think you're right too. We'll get through this and hopefully my supervisor will agree to let me help out a couple hours a day in Mr. Johnson's receiving area for those 2 weeks (my job also relies directly on manufacturing, so if nothing's going on there, I'll be looking for extra work during that time anyway).

Thanks Mary C--faith and prayer seem to be the only hope now.

Hi Dawn,
We seemed pretty insulated from it in 2008, but 2009 is going to be a whole 'nother situation I think.
My Etsy shop is pretty slim right now, but I'm getting more items ready to add by the end of the week.

Hi Priscilla,
I haven't had a raise in almost 2 years, but I would be willing to sacrifice some pay $$ if it meant keeping my job at least. I hope you keep getting your freelance jobs.

Thanks Debbie. The news is pretty depressing these days and prayer is definitely a more beneficial alternative.

Lynne said...

That really must have put a lump in your throat. Glad you made it through but it's tough feeling like you're waiting for the other shoe to drop. Hang in there!
The Etsy shop is COOL!!!

jan m said...

It's getting quite scary, and I think no one is immune. The company I work for has been family owned for about 45 years, and just sold out to a corporation. All of us are holding our breath, wondering if our jobs are secure.

barefoot gardener said...

I had a similar scare recently when Mr. Barefoot's company started laying off LOTS of employees. They are even talking about closing down both the Aurora and Rochester plants and downsizing to just the one by us...

He swears his job is safe, but I can't help but worry.

I will be hoping for the best for you....

RuthieJ said...

Oh Lynne, don't you know it....I could feel my face was all hot and my hands were freezing, I just wanted to go and throw up! You can't imagine my relief when I got the phone call saying I wasn't affected.

Hi Jan,
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you--that situation sounds a bit alarming!

Hi Barefoot,
These are troubling times. I'll be hoping for the best for Mr. Barefoot too.

Leedra said...

It does seem the way it is going everywhere. Doubled my work load in November, but only added 20% more workers.

Red said...

I sure hope that was the only time that will happen this year at your place of business! And I'm glad that you are considered vital :)

RuthieJ said...

Oh Leedra, that's not good. And being a conscientious employee, I'm sure you're scrambing to still make sure the work gets done. Hang in there!

Hi Red,
I guess this could go 2 ways--either the whole place falls flat on its face because the work isn't getting done (which would be OK and maybe they'd realize how vital the Manpower employees are). Or everyone who's left here will bust their butts to make sure the work is done and Management will say, "well we did OK without those people for 2 weeks" and this work reduction strategy will happen at the beginning of each new quarter. (sigh)

nina said...

Glad your job is safe for now.
We're looking at a very uncertain future also, as are so many in these hard times.

As much as no one wants to be a statistic, there is some comfort in knowing that reductions have very little to do with the person and everything to do with the circumstances.