Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Resource Action

Today I officially became a "statistic" -- part of the small, but rapidly increasing numbers of the unemployed!

You know it's never a good sign when you open your work e-mail and see a notice for a "mandatory" meeting first thing in the morning and the only other people attending the meeting are your supervisor and her supervisor.

After receiving the expected bad news, they were quick to point out that my termination has nothing whatsoever to do with my performance--the people I provided admin support for here all gave me glowing reviews. And the other thing they pointed out is that I'll still be a part of "the Manpower family." Oh yeah, that made me feel a whole lot better too.

My last day will be February 27th. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, we'll just wait and see what happens. What I do know is that the McDonald's out by my house is always looking for help and I think I'd look pretty hot in that red McDonald's polo shirt and a hairnet, don't you think??

I'm trying to see the humorous side of this because the alternative isn't even worth thinking about. But, I gotta tell you it really sucks when you get "let go" versus quitting on your own. I've quit a few jobs over my work lifetime and in most cases it was for something better. This Manpower job was the second lowest-paying job I ever had, but of all my jobs, it was the one I liked the best. The hours were perfect, I could ride with and eat lunch with Mr. Johnson every day, the work wasn't hard and I enjoyed it, and I made some REALLY GOOD FRIENDS here. That's what I'm really going to miss......and now I've gotta go because I'm starting to cry.


Deb said...

I'm sorry to hear this. I'm sending you a big hug.

Priscilla said...

Oh no, this is awful. I'm so sorry, Ruthie.

Kallen305 said...

I am sorry to hear this Ruthie.

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, Ruthie, we are crying with you. Here's hoping you find something soon.

Lynne said...


crying with you.
take a deep breath.

DivaHick said...

We'll keep you in our prayers!

Leedra said...

I keep being reminded that Jimmy having to go 90 miles away is not the worse that can happen. At least he does still have a job. Times are hard and we don't know what we will have to do before they get better. At my job they always announce surpluses the 15th of the last month of the quarter for the next quarter. Nobody wants to be there, but nobody wants to miss it either.

I will be praying for you and your family.

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Carolyn H said...

Ruthie: I've been downsized twice--once when the plant where i'd worked 20 years closed and again 4 years later when the same thing happened at a different place. i'm hoping I don't have a third time to add to my list, but I wouldn't be totally surprised if it did. This IS tough, there's no getting away from that.

I still miss the people I worked with. But I'm also still friendly and in contact with the best of them, and life does move forward. I tried to look on the "bright" side and took advantage of having some rare "time off" during my job hunt.

You will get through it, and the days do get brighter, even if it doesn't look that way just yet.

Take care.
Carolyn H.

Mama Pea said...

Oh, Ruthie, I have had to wait a couple of minutes before starting this comment because my tears, too, started when I read your post.

First of all, you would indeed look HOT in a McDonald's uniform but I don't think Mr. Johnson would like that so don't even put in your application there.

I sense you two are in okay shape financially so don't panic. Take some time for yourself before jumping into a job that isn't worthy of your talents.

You can knit until you're sick of it (ha!) and fill your Etsy site with scads of beautiful things. You could finally get all those UFOs finished!

Think how happy Sophie and Penny will be to have you home for a while. They will be elated!

If you're still home come spring, just imagine the larger, fantastic garden you can put in. Our food costs are going to continue to rise (a lot) so you will be making/saving money doing that.

Have you ever considered writing articles for bird-type publications? You have everything you need at your fingertips . . . the photography skills, the writing ability, the knowledge and the BIRDS!

As far as the friends you've made through work, those friendships will continue, just in a little different structure. And your blogging friends won't change one whit if you're not working outside the home.

No matter how much we think about it and/or expect it, such a happening is always a shock. You're a strong and grounded person . . . I'm sending all my best thoughts to you and hoping you feel better in a few days.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I'm crying with you Ruthie. What rotten luck. I wish you well. ((HUGS))

Cindie U. said...

Ruthie, I'm so sorry to read this. Hopefully the right thing will come along soon.

Anonymous said...


I would just like to publicly thank you for all you were able to do while you provided backup for me. I really don't think I would have mentally survived last year if I could not have had you backing me up. Between the turmoil with my mother's illness, graduation preparation and struggling with life with an empty nest... You really helped me leave my work-life in very capable hands, allowing me to focus on my home-life. Plus you were there to listen to me rant when I needed someone to. Thank you. I will really miss you here! Take heart, I'm sure where ever you end up... They will be "Darn Lucky" to get you. People like you are a gift!!! L....

Gaelyn said...

Big HUGS, Ruthie. I'm really sorry you're loosing a job you really enjoy. Yet, I have a feeling something good will come your way.
I agree with Mama Pea.

Anonymous said...

At least I have a job from which I cannot be fired or resign [I don't think so anyway]. I'm your MOM plus 3 and the benefits are good and I can make my own hours, hourly wage is so-so. I manage the money that DAD makes, not foolishly either.

All I can do for you is pray, and I'm darn good at that. Remember God loves you and I do too.


Red said...

Aw Ruthie :( I'm sorry about that! As someone else said, good things will come your way... it'll be beyond your expectations I'm sure.

Praying you get that opportunity asap!

Go talk to the birds, knit more, hang with Sophie and Mr. Johnson, and those tears will disappear in no time!

Marsha said...

Ruthie, I am so sorry to hear this news and him sending you a virtual {{HUG}}. I know how tough it is going into work everyday knowing you have been laid off. It has happened to me and there were tears on both sides of the desk, but a even better job came along and I was fine. I hope you will have the same experience. Hopefully you will have a severance pkg. or MN unemployment ins. to tide you over until you can take the time to assess what you really want to do and freshen up the resume and find the perfect fit. Good Luck, my friend!

Mary C said...

Something was urging me to check my google reader. Now I see what was urging me. Oh Ruthie, I'm stunned! I'm sure you were more stunned than I, but now you must be numb from the shock of it. As we pray for all to continue to be employed, you are at the top of my prayer list. As others have been saying, you will find something to your liking, and hopefully better pay. And as Red said, take the time to enjoy your wildlife, your dog and cat, and your knitting. I think the hardest thing will be having to report to work for the next 30 days. Prayers and hugs are being sent to you.

Ruth said...

I heard on the news that your company was cutting a large number of jobs and immediately thought of you. This could be the start of something new and much better for you. Change never gets easier but is one of the only certainties of life. Wishing you the best!!!

KGMom said...

Oh, sweetie--I am so sorry. No matter how much you might have seen this coming, no matter how bad the economy is, no matter anything--something like this is always a kick in the gut.
True, there are other things you can do. True, it had nothing to do with you.
BUT--it still hurts.
I know. I've been there--and it isn't fun.
I'll be thinking about you in the days and weeks ahead.

Shellmo said...

Ruthie - I am so sorry to hear this! You have my hugs and prayers. It's an old saying but I believe it - when a door closes, another one opens. I know there will be another opportunity for you.

Mel said...

My dear dear Ruthie,

I know how you feel. It happened to me twice.

It took me a long time to realize that it was true what mum always said: when a door closes a window opens. New opportunities will knock on your door :)

You still have your friends from Manpower, Mr. Johnson and us! Your blog friends! And we all love you tons!

You are a smart, fun, loving, talented woman, with a great heart and soul, and I know that good things will come to you SOON.

PLEASE, let me know if there is something I could do for you, ok?
I am far away from your house, but you are very close to my heart.


Un beso gigante,


Debbie said...

Ruthie, I am so sorry that you were let go. It seems that many people are feeling the pinch of our economy right now.

I have been let go twice, once when the plant I worked at closed and the 2nd time when the hospital reduced staff. It never feels good.

I haven't worked outside the home in 16 years and I can't say I miss it, but it does mean we have to live on a very tight budget.

I hope you find something soon.

Susan Gets Native said...

Crap, crap, crappity-crap.
Deep breath, girl.

Anonymous said...

Well Sissy.....you KNOW how I feel about this whole thing. I remember how crappy it felt to be laid off from my 2-day/month 2nd job. I don't even want to think about how it feels to be let go from your PRIMARY job:( Thank goodness the nursing field is (somewhat) immune to economic fluctuations. I'd be in a world of hurt if it wasn't.
I'm thinking Rick will miss going to work, lunch, etc together as much, if not more than you will.
I still believe that things happen for a reason and as long as you're still here with us, you haven't accomplished all that is planned for you yet. Hang tough, sissy. I'm praying for you and, as always, I've got your back ;)

Chicken Mama said...

I already sent you an e-mail, Ruthie, but you know what struck me in reading through all of the responses / comments here?

When push comes to shove, when life gets down to the nitty-gritty, your readers here (or, theoretically and I can only HOPE, my readers on my blog) are not just here to get their "online" fix. Not . . . at . . . all.

Even tho most of us have never met face-to-face we have formed a RELATIONSHIP with you, and we truly CARE about each other. And, as long as we exhibit our TRUE selves here, perhaps this is the most ideal way to forge a friendship. I.e., we're not basing our likes/dislikes on appearance or what kind of car we each drive.

Instead, we are basing affection on what we learn about the INSIDE of people. (Again, assuming we're all true to ourselves & others and are honest . . . which everyone pretty much seems to be!)

Anyway, it just really struck me that, "Hey, if I'm having a hard time, these people would be ready to BACK ME UP and show me support!"

Enough with the mushiness, though. ;) I thought Susan Gets Native's comment was PERFECT, and it gave me a great big smile.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Chicken Mama,
You have written the words and feelings that I am unable to convey. I was amazed at the response and support that was given to me--and many of the people I've never met (but hope to some day!) I am thankful for so many caring friends!

Mary said...

Ruthie, good things will come. Keep your chin up. You deserve the best.


Jayne said...

((((((Ruthie)))))) I am just now reading this because our internet connection was so wonky all day yesterday. I am so sorry to hear this, though I know that something even better will come along for you.

Larry said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this Ruthie.The same thing happened to my wife a couple of years ago and it really knocked dow her self-esteem for a while. Not everyone can just shrug those things off.I hope something positive comes out of the experience for you eventually.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Mary, everything should be OK, and if nothing else, I'll learn how to budget better!

Thanks Jayne, I think something better will come too. Even now, my friends inside IBM are helping me find some other employment options.

Thanks Larry, I can understand how your wife felt. In the phone call giving me this bad news, my supervisor was quick to point out that this job cut had nothing whatsoever to do with my performance, so that helped (right now it's all about dollars and cents).

Heather said...

Oh Ruthie, I am so sorry to hear this news! I don't have anything to add over what others have said other than to say you will be in my thoughts.

jan m said...

Ruthie, I am behind in reading my favorite blogs, and when I read this, I wanted to wish you the best. I hope a new door opens up for you soon.