Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend 2009

I hope you all had a nice Father's Day weekend. We had a little rain today, but that didn't ruin our traditional Father's Day picnic at Forestville State Park. It was a good celebration for Dad/Grampy and a fun day for all of us.

Here are some pictures from the backyard. The bluebird babies just hatched and as near as I could tell, all 5 of the eggs hatched. As you can see from this picture, one of the babies is still a little damp from being newly hatched.

The wrens have completed their nest and Mrs. Wren has laid 2 eggs so far. I really like this house that allows me to view the birds via the hinged roof.

Here's a look at the baby chickadees. They're starting to get pinfeathers on their wings and tails. I couldn't find information close at hand to learn how many days until they fledge, but I guess I'd better find out so I know when to watch for these little guys making their way into the real world!

The weather has finally warmed up and according to weather forecasts we're looking at 80's and 90's all next week. The garden is really starting to grow. I'm even starting to see blossoms on many of the plants. Here's one of the tomatoes.

The peas are flowering too.

I'm also starting to see some blossoms in the wildflower garden. This is a Daisy Fleabane.

And the first Purple Coneflower is blooming.

I have one giant Common Mullein plant in my backyard. I read that this plant is a biennial and takes two years to reach maturity. Last year was this plant's first year in my backyard and it got pretty big then, but it's twice as big this year.

I've been waiting and hoping that it will produce a tall flower stalk (birds and insects love them!). On closer inspection when taking this picture, I noticed the beginning of the flower stalk. I can't wait to see how big it gets and look forward to watching birds taking advantage of it this winter.

I'm starting to see a few more butterflies in the backyard and more perennials are starting to bloom too. Here's one of the daylilies.

And this new poppy plant I just planted this spring has lots of flowers on it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you all have a good week.


jan m said...

It's nice to see things blooming around your place Ruthie. I have tomato blossoms, but everything else seems at a standstill, probably due to many gloomy days of rain.
My nest box was vacated earlier this week when the family of tree swallows moved on.

Kelly said...

Oh boy! Those little freshly hatched babies are the best!! I've never seen inside a nest with babies that young. Bluebird and chickadee babies (two of my favorite birds!!). Glad you had a happy Father's Day celebration with your dad!

Gaelyn said...

What a great cake!

Looks like summer has arrived for you. New life everywhere. Your garden and flowers are superb.

The mullen that grows here is considered an invasive. Yet I find it's tall stalks so impressive and grew used to them in the Northwest.

Jayne said...

Look at all of Ruthie's babies! Glad to hear the rain and sunshine are making everything in your yard beautiful. Have a wonderful week ahead Ruthie.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Jan M,
I hope you get some sunny days soon. Our arrival of hot & sunny weather has coincided with the first days of summer, so maybe it will for you in the east too.

Thanks Kelly. It's pretty fascinating to see those really little baby birds and watch them grow. I have some baby wrens in another house that I can't open up, but they chirp so loud it makes me wonder how many are in there!

Hi Gaelyn,
Summer is here for sure -- along with the heat and humidity.
I think common mullein is considered a weed here too, but it goes well with the other "weeds" I've cultivated in my backyard specifically for the birds, insects, and wildlife.

Thanks Jayne. It will be fun watching the baby birds grow.

Julie said...

Hi Ruthie!
Beautiful flowers! Cute baby birds!
I got a book on Saturday, used, about attracting birds to your back yard. Its great! There were several things I saw and that I should share that with Ruthie! I'll be in touch soon.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend. 100 today, 101 tomorrow. YUCK! I'm hoping it cools down for Saturday. I'm going with two friends to a meatloaf festival. Weird huh? Its being held in a rural town about 30 minutes from here. All outdoors. Probably little shade. Please cool down!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Julie,
What was the name of your book? I might already have it! Have you seen "Projects for the Birder's Garden?" That's a good one too.
We're going to be about 10 degrees cooler than you the next couple days -- to me, anything over 85 is too hot. But I don't think it's ever too hot to eat meatloaf! Sounds like a fun festival--will there be mashed potatoes and gravy too? Mmmmmm, I'm drooling just thinking about it!

Mama Pea said...

Your flowers and yard are beautiful. You've got a green thumb, for sure.

Thanks for the pics of the bird babies. I've never seen such teeny-tiny hatchlings before.

Our temp is down to the 70s today but with about 110% humidity. Makes one feel sweaty . . . but cold. Yuck.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Mama Pea.....I owe it all to compost!
This is the first time I've seen such newly hatched bluebird babies too. I checked the chickadees tonight and they're almost completely covered with feathers now--they sure grow up fast.
I saw on our 6 PM weather that you guys were getting the Lake Superior breeze today and only 53 degrees to our 93! I hope you had some sun at least?

Mama Pea said...

Ha! You sure can't go by what the weather forecasters report! Check the blog post I just made to see what our weather today was REALLY like.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice pic of Dad, he sure looks happy, I know he is waiting to sink his teeth into that cake.

Wonderful pics of the baby birds and all the flowers in your yard.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like you had a marvelous weekend Ruthie. Thanks for sharing it with us through pictures.

dAwN said...

Oh..So much to see around your home!
all those birdie babies and birdies yet to be born.
beauteous flowers..
and a Happy Fathers day to the pops!