Sunday, June 7, 2009


Some of you may have gotten an e-mail from me today saying that I had some pictures to show you and you needed to log into "Tagged" to see them. I received a note from someone I knew yesterday with this same message, so I went ahead and logged in, created a profile, and when it came to the part about adding my e-mail addresses (it actually showed me a list of all the names in my e-mail address book!), I unselected everyone's names because I know you value your e-mail privacy as much as I do. Now it seems that people may be receiving e-mail messages from me saying I have pictures to show them, but Tagged says you have to log in first to see those pictures. NOTE: I have not posted any pictures in Tagged for people to look at -- if you log in, the pictures that you will see were not taken by me!

If you have received such an e-mail, please accept my sincere apologies and delete the note! I did not authorize them to use my address book, but it seems that was done anyway. I have gone back into Tagged and cancelled my account, so please don't log in expecting to see any pictures from me.


Gaelyn said...

Thanks for the tip Ruthie. Haven't seen anything so far. Where does this shit come from anyway?

Red said...

Well, thankfully I have not received that email, but good thing you put it on your blog as a warning!

Jayne said...

Wow. That's scary, isn't it? That they can just access your address book like that? Thanks for the heads up Ruthie.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Gaelyn,
I sent out a note to the folks in my address book too. It sounds like it was a random event for who got notes and who didn't. What a mess!

Hi Heidi,
I just wanted to make sure everyone was warned about this--it's so bothersome when stuff like this happens.

Hi Jayne,
You know when I was logging in it asked me if I wanted to add members of my "network" and all the names in my e-mail address book popped up--I was shocked that somehow Tagged was able to look into my system and find all the names, just like that! I told it to "uncheck" all, but some must have gotten through the filter or whatever.

KGMom said...

Hi Ruthie--yup, I got one of the Tagged emails from you. Funny thing is, I had gotten another email (not about Tagged but about another website) from another blogger I read.
So, what is happening is that some websites are getting very aggressive and using all sorts of tricks to lure people. Since I opened both emails, I have wondered if folks have gotten emails from me.
Hmmmm--I wonder, I wonder.
BTW--I didn't sign up for Tagged, so no problem.

Anonymous said...

That thing from Tagged was on our e-mail. We were going to fill in the blanks and then it said to fill in our password, well you know what we thought of that, "STUFF IT BUDDY". Thanks for the update. I hope no one got hurt.


Heather said...

I didn't get your "Tagged" email, but, like KGMom, I got a similar type of email from another blogger I know. I better check in with her and see if she's aware of it. It might be legit, but you never can be sure!

Anonymous said...

I got the "tagged" e-mail and deleted it without opening it, thanks to your messages regarding same. It's so annoying to always be wondering whether this stuff is legit or not. What a royal pain.

Your (untagged) Sissy

Mary C said...

Hey, Ruthie, I'm sure glad I saw this before following through with that email message. I thought it was kind of strange to get an email like that, but didn't have the time to completely read it. So now I know that I can just delete it. Thanks for posting on your blog about it.

Windyridge said...

Yikes this happened to me. Thanks for the heads up.