Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rainy Tuesday

We're getting some light rain this afternoon, with a chance for more showers and maybe even some thunder later on this evening. It's not very warm -- only in the mid 50's, but every day this week is going to be a little warmer with 70's predicted for the weekend. I definitely will have to mow the grass in some areas by the weekend.

We really need the rain and I guess if it happens while we're at work, that's OK. It wasn't raining hard enough to prevent me from taking some pictures, so here are some of the sights I found in the yard this afternoon.

As I was walking the dogs, Mrs. Robin flew out of an evergreen right in front of us. Sure enough, here was her nest at only about 4 feet up and really close to the outside of the tree. I didn't look really close because I didn't want her to be gone too long in this cool weather, but it looks like she has 3 eggs. They are such a beautiful, dark turquoise shade of blue.

The Emerald Queen maple is covered with lots of these bright green flower clusters. There aren't any leaves on the tree yet and I probably wouldn't even have noticed them except that I saw one of the flower clusters on the ground and then when I looked up, WOW, the whole tree is covered with those things!

The bright yellow daffodil is starting to bloom now too.

There's lots of birdsong out in the yard now, especially from the house finches. It's so cute to see the little male house finch dancing and singing in front of the female. She pretty much ignores him. They also spend lots of time in the crabapple tree right outside the dining room window picking off the new little flower buds.

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