Saturday, April 14, 2007

Turkey Heaven

We got up early this morning to go birding (with turkeys being the main bird we were looking for). We weren't disappointed.

The following pictures were taken "at an undisclosed location" in rural Olmsted County. (These pictures aren't real clear because I was taking them through the windshield.) We came over the hill and could see there were turkeys in the road. As we approached the driveway, we could see several toms and hens in the driveway.

We pulled off the road so I could take pictures and these guys didn't even run. I guess they have other things on their mind.

I think one of them is saying "Mine's bigger than yours!"

Rick decided to drive ahead a little bit further so we could get off the road a little more and this is what we saw down in the valley.....Turkey Heaven! This is somebody's backyard. Unfortunately, there wasn't a "For Sale" sign at the end of their driveway. There were turkeys everywhere. I think we counted at least 9 toms and twice as many hens.

The one good thing about this place is that it's almost directly across from a State Wildlife Management Area where public hunting is allowed. Hopefully some of these birds will still be around when our bow & arrow turkey season arrives in the middle of May.

It was so cool; I'm pretty sure we're going back there tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I did see lots of other birds too, tons of cardinals and robins, but for spring birds, there was the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet and Field Sparrow.

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