Friday, July 6, 2007

Eight Random Facts Meme

Lynne at Hasty Brook tagged me for this Eight Random Facts Meme. I've never done one of these for a blog before and decided it would be fun to take part and post something different in my blog from the usual birds and flowers!

Here are the rules for Eight Random Facts:
-Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
-People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
-At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog. (Participation is optional, and it's OK if you defer.)

1) I knit in bed.

2) I love power tools and Menards is one of my favorite stores.

3) I can type 85 wpm.

4) I am the oldest child and have 3 younger siblings (1 sister and 2 brothers).

5) I got married in 1979 when I was 20 and never had any kids

6) I like dogs better than I like most people.

7) I really hate it when they play bird songs on TV shows or movies for birds that don't belong in that area, you know what I'm talking about.....when it's a night scene in the desert and they play the song of a loon in the background (drives me nuts!)

8) I am uncomfortable in most social situations because I have a difficult time making small talk unless the topic happens to about birds or hunting (that's why I usually carry a knitting project along so I can just sit, knit, and listen to what other people are saying).

I wasn't able to come up with eight names to tag, because most everyone in this blog group has already been tagged, but here are a few....have fun and thanks!

Martie at Taos Sunflower

Donna at KGMom Mumblings

Robin at The Bumblebee Garden

Trixie at Trixie's View


Mary C said...

Hi Ruthie - 85 wpm??? Wow! I also got married when I was 20. Between your # 6 and # 8, I had to laugh because you make it sound like you are shy, introverted, or maybe even antisocial. But I don't believe it. I *do* know how you feel about social gatherings and feeling uncomfortable - I'm the same way. The bigger the group of unfamiliar folks, the more uncomfortable I feel. I prefer smaller gatherings - and I take it that you do, too.

I also had to laugh earlier today about our "circle" of bloggers - looks like we were all tagging each other and there weren't too many that I tagged who weren't already tagged a little earlier. Oh well. It was fun to do.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
A couple years ago I watched a program on PBS about dogs and one of the women on the show admitted she was more comfortable around dogs than people, I sat up on the couch and exclaimed to myself "ME TOO." Hearing someone else admit to that made me think I wasn't such a freak after all.
Dogs don't care what you wear, how your hair looks, or what your breath smells like and even if they did, they wouldn't talk behind your back about it!

Lynne said...

Ruthie- I'm so glad you did the meme! It's great to read and learn the snippets of inside information that blog friends chose to share.
Power tools- I'm impressed!
I totally understand about dogs.
I'd rather listen in a crowd too, although I've been known to make conversation with total strangers if I get a comfortable vibe.
LOL- loons in the desert! I've heard red-tailed hawks in the jungle too!
I'd love to learn to knit. Maybe at Cape May?? (hint-hint)


RuthieJ said...

Thanks for tagging me Lynne. It took me quite a while to come up with 8, but it was a lot of fun and even more fun reading what everyone else listed.

Mary said...

Ruthie, hey, I've never used a power tool. LOL!

I type 75wpm accurately (except for when I post commments). You are blazing!

It's great to know you a little better. I don't think you are an introvert, etiher. You have a lot to offer! I was married four days before I turned 20. Young brides! I've been tagged, too, and I'll play soon.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
The world of power tools is amazing...somewhere deep inside my body are some carpenter genes! I started with a cordless, rechargable screwdriver and it's been a downhill slide from there. I really love my cordless, rechargable drill!

When I worked at Mayo, I was in a medical publications position, so speed and accuracy were really important. I've never gotten past that (even in e-mails), although I'm trying to relax a little.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. Have a good weekend.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

Hey Ruthie!

I'll do it! I may not be able to THINK of 8 whole people to tag. I may need to ask for volunteers.

And I'll probably make it short since I just did a 7 random things from Carol over at May Dreams Garden.

I'm always impressed with women who aren't afraid of power tools. Go girl!

Robin (Bumblebee)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Robin,
Thanks for playing along.

BTW, I checked in my bluebird box this morning while mowing the lawn. The babies hatched around June 28 or 29, and it looks like they'll be ready to fledge very soon. They were pretty squirmy when I opened the box, so I couldn't do a good check for mites, but there weren't any on my gloves after I got everyone tucked back in, so I was happy about that.