Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pet Monitors

We have very conscientious pets who take their monitoring duties very seriously.

Penny has single paw-edly taken on the responsibility of monitoring the activities inside the Monarch Ranch. Fortunately she has learned to monitor from the outside of the ranch and no longer tries to get inside through the roof.

Daisy and Sophie are the monitors of meal preparation. I rolled and baked some meatballs for our spaghetti supper tonight. It's one of the only times I'm assured of their undivided attention.

Sophie is always hungry, so she stands closest--ready to chow on anything edible the "chef" might accidentally drop or spill. Daisy's duty is "official pan licker."


Body Soul Spirit said...

We've never had a cat, but our dog is a diligent kitchen monitor. He comes running the minute he hears the can opener, or hears me take the paring knife out of the drawer. He loves vegetables.

KGMom said...

It is so great you have such helpful pets. They are just too good to you.

Jayne said...

Yes, good thing they are so worried about your getting too overwhelmed with your "jobs." :c)

nina said...

And I'll bet the whole house smelled wonderful! (I do very little cooking in the summer--we graze, mostly, on whatever is booming from the garden)
By the way--I just read Prodigal Summer, by Barbara Kingsolver--immediately thought you might enjoy. Have you? If not--a GREAT book for summer! (in all your spare time)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Ruth,
Kitty gets a Tbsp. of Fancy Feast while I get supper ready and then she leaves me alone. The dogs are pretty good, but tend to drool quite a bit. They all have the same supersonic hearing that can detect a pan or utensil coming out of the cupboard.

Hi Donna,
They are such fun pets to have around. We always say if they weren't hungry then we'd have to worry about them being sick and that's no fun.

Hi Jayne,
They all keep pretty close tabs on my whereabouts when I'm home (although I'm beginning to suspect it's only food-related!)

Hi Nina,
If it was only me and the pets, that's how I would eat too...it's that large, human carnivore I live with who looks for a full meal every evening.
P.S. Thanks for the tip on the book, I can always find time for reading and will try to get it through my local public library.

Mary C said...

Yes, pets are so much fun. Our 4 cats come out of nowhere when one of us opens a can. And if the dogs are inside, they always come running when one of us opens the pantry door - that's because that's where we keep their treats. And all six of them love the smell of fish cooking and can't wait to be the first to get some fish skin!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary C,
Sounds like our pets too....can't find the cat, open a can of Fancy Feast. Need a dog to come, rattle the Sunchips bag. They always bring a smile to my face :-)

Larry said...

It's funny how curious pets can be.They keep an eye on our every move.-

Jennifer said...

I'm glad to see you have Working Pets. Always useful...

Are you tagging the butterflies? Or just raising them for release? (Forgive me for asking if you've already answered these in a previous post...)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Larry,
You're right about those pets. They follow me everywhere--even when I don't have food!

Hi Jennifer,
I ordered my monarch tagging kit today (and you're OK, I haven't posted about this before). Have you ever tagged monarchs? If the kit doesn't provide good instructions I may be looking for assistance from the blogosphere