Saturday, July 7, 2007

Saturday Smorgasbord

Too much sun and outdoor lawn work today has me tired out, so tonight's post is a smorgasbord of some things I saw today.

I brought Penny some fresh catnip from the backyard.

I found a new brush for Sophie at the grocery store--it works great!

It was hot! I caught a little sunburn too, but the nap in the hammock made it all worthwhile.

The lovely new garden bench I purchase and assembled on the 4th of July. It has a little solar cell on the back that powers LED lights around the edge of the maple leaves on the back (in case you want to sit out there after dark -- not with my mosquitoes, thank you very much!)

Wildflower garden is starting to bloom all over--especially Queen Anne's Lace and Purple Coneflowers.

Look at all the apples on my tree--it's going to be a bumper crop this year.

This handsome fellow seemed right at home in the wildflower garden.

Lots of green tomatoes.

Hummingbird oasis (don't you just love the smell of petunias?)

Here's what a frustrated red squirrel does to the screen when he's too fat to get through it anymore to steal seed from the feeder....


Jayne said...

What a cool bench Ruthie! Lights! And just look at all those apples! Mmmm... some apple pie in your future. I used to love to dead head the petunias as I loved the smell. Pretty thermometer.

Lynne said...

Pretty Penny!
Love that thermometer too. Where'd you get it?
Did you get the bench at Menards and build it with power tools?!?
I'd love to have Queen Anne's lace in the garden.
What kind of apples?
I love the smell of petunias too. I've found it's hard to find fragant ones though.

Mary said...

That's a bench for me! I'll be shopping for one.

What kind of apples do you have?

You have a lot going on around your house, Ruthie. So much to see. I hope your weather cools soon.

Maybe my eyes are failing me, but what did the squirrel do to the screen? I'm about ready to kill a few squirrels.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Jayne,
The bench was even on sale! (end of the season). A few years ago when we had lots of apples, I made up a bunch of apple pies and froze them--there's nothing yummier than a homemade apple pie (for taste & smell!)

Hi Lynne,
I got the thermometer at least 4 years ago at Wild Birds Unlimited. Acu-Rite is the brand name and I don't know if they still have that design or not.
I got the bench at Mills Fleet Farm (on sale even), but only used the pliers and regular screwdriver to assemble (boring).
I will save you some seeds from the Queen Anne's lace. All of these plants were grown from seed just thrown on the dirt.
The apples are Fireside; I don't use any spray on them, so the bugs and birds tend to get at them too, but I still get quite a few for our own use.

Hi Mary,
They also had this bench with a hummingbird design on the back (but I don't think it had lights). Pretty easy to assemble, also.
The apples are Firesides and will get quite large.
No, your eyes aren't failing (and I wondered if people would be able to tell)...the squirrel has been gnawing on the screen and you can kind of tell where the green plastic has been chewed away from the screen wire.

Body Soul Spirit said...

You had a busy day and time to take all these nice pictures. I am looking forward to nice crisp apples, but I don't want to rush the summer!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Ruth,
The picture-taking only took a few minutes. I picked out the spots while I was riding around on the mower and went out after supper to take them.

I'm with you on not rushing the summer. I usually wait till after the first frost to pick the apples left on the tree, but they're pretty good and sweet early on, so I can usually get a couple good apple pies in September.

Anonymous said...

Dad and I both think that they are immature blue jay feathers. We have several blue jay families and the babies are mostly gray. They are just as bold as their parents, and very klutzy, they don't have their act together yet.

Anonymous said...

Our cats absolutely love catnip, you should see their eyes after a few mins, the cats are higher then kites. It's good stuff!
I saw all the gnawing on that feeder, now I know why Anna doesn't like them, but they're still cute.

Larry said...

I have that same birdfeeder surrounded by the same kind of cage set-up.