Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bluejays--The Movie

This is the reason why I go through 100 pounds of peanuts in the shell every winter. Who needs TV when you've got bluejays?

These guys are loud and boisterous, but I know there's no way they would ever be trusting enough to take a peanut out of my hand, so the "Brave Birdie" award will remain with the chickadee forever more.


Lynne said...

Betty- I found the movie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynne, I just found the movie, but not very boisterous, but that's the way they are in and out, in and out, etc.
Cool Ruthie, neat movie.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Our Jays also like those peanuts in a shell. They are scardy cats when you try to approach them. They don't even stay in the yard when I go outside. I couldn't imagine trying to feed them by hand. I have seen people feed Cardinals by hand tho. Wouldn't that be a thrill.

Marsha said...

I only bought a 50 lb bag and it is going fast...I call these peanuts "bluejay candy" and it's amazing how fast they come after you put it out. I put them on a ration :-)

I really enjoyed your movie...they are so fun to watch!

Larry said...

Blue Jays sure do like to munch on those peanuts!I wonder what smaller birds were flying by in the background-couldn't make them out.

Mary said...

It's good to see Blue Jays! I don't know why I have just a few on campus and in other areas but I have never seen one in our neighborhood. Odd... They are shy. But not too shy when peanuts are for the taking.

Meggie said...

Hey Ruthie: I've tagged you to play Christmas Hoopla. I hope you'll consider playing along.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lynne,
I hit the return key too many times on my first attempt. Sorry I didn't catch it before you guys noticed!

Hi Mom,
They're pretty quiet when they're picking up a peanut, but make lots of noise out in the trees.

Hi Lisa,
I wish they weren't so shy--it would be cool to have grab a peanut from my hand.

Hi Marsha,
They eat about half and bury the other half. I watch them fly out into the yard and stick a peanut down in the snow. I suppose the mice and other little critters living under the snow will end up eating most of them.

Hi Larry,
I think one of the birds in the background is a bluejay and one looked like a downy woodpecker, I'm guessing the other small ones are either juncos or house sparrows--I have bunches of those two.

Hi Mary,
I know lots of people don't like bluejays, but I find them pretty entertaining. When the Cooper's Hawk flies into the yard, I can hear the bluejays alarm calls in the house--even with the windows closed.

Hi Meggie,
I'll give it a try....

mon@rch said...

those bluejays always seem to be cleaning my feeder out also! Love your video!

Birdfreak said...

Better than what's on television!

Loved the movie, when does the sequel come out?

Good birding to you!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Birdfreak,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would like to do a sequel from outdoors to include sound, but my bluejays are quite shy and I don't think they'll come if I'm sitting out there. Something to work on when the weather gets a little warmer though....