Sunday, December 9, 2007

This One's for Mary

Sorry Mare, but I just couldn't resist!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

How sweet.

Mary said...


Have you ever liked someone so much that you punched them and shoved them a little bit? Huh? Consider yourself punched and shoved, just a little bit.

And a hug at the end. You and your birds amaze me.

Love you,

mon@rch said...

this is wonderful for sure! Maybe you can just hold them in your hand without the container and the chickadees will land on you!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lisa,
You're right--there's nothing sweeter than a chickadee.

Hi Mare,
ROFL at your comment.
Love Ya back!!

Hi Mon@rch,
I think it's the cup that they associate with the worms, not the actual worms themselves. But it's worth a try--someday when it's a little warmer though!

Trixie said...

WOW! that is amazing. You are like the bird whisperer or something.

Nice rings, too!

Maud said...

What a cute!

Carolyn H said...

Aaaah! That's too cute. I've gotten chickadees to my hand periodically, but never managed to take a photo while I was doing it! Nice shot!

Carolyn H.

your sissy said...

That's nothing.....I can get Shelby to eat from MY hand!!! neener, neener, neener.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Trixie,
It's all about the food....the only reason my pets at home love me too!

Hi Maud,
They sure are cuties and what fun to see them this close!

Hi Carolyn,
It's easier because the window is between me and the chickadee. They've been coming to this worm cup for several weeks and have gotten used to seeing me or Kitty inside the window.

Hey Sissy, have you ever given Shelby a mealworm? I used to give them to Ginger.....and she gobbled them right up!

KGMom said...

Oh wonderful. So trusting. You are amazing.

Meggie said...

That is one brave little chickadee.

Trixie said...

Are you re-doing your deck?

RuthieJ said...

Hi Donna,
I'm not sure if it's trust or hunger.....the worm dish had been empty for a couple of hours and I usually fill it late in the afternoon so they can stoke up for overnight. I took this photo around 3 PM and those little guys were really hungry!

Hi Meggie,
The chickadee took a couple of practice swoops before it landed on the dish.

Hi Trixie,
What you're seeing is my homemade attempt at a pergola. Our basement is a walkout and there's a patio right under this window. Next year I hope to plant some bird friendly climbing vines around the legs of this pergola--maybe Virginia creeper or honeysuckle.

Cathy said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I'd give ANYTHING for that experience. Consider yourself punched and hugged from both sides :0) Mare and I are going to have you rockn' and rollin' :0)

Mary C said...

Oh Ruthie - great capture. I guess these little guys tend to look fearless when they're so hungry. ;o)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Cathy,
not too hard--I bruise easily! :-D

Hi Mary C,
I think it helped that Kitty wasn't sitting nearby too (like she usually does when Chickadee comes to the window for worms).

Jayne said...

Love, love, love it Ruthie! You just bring out such trust in your birdie friends!

Sharon said...

So very cute, I love it!