Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Assistance Requested

I don't have a post of my own for tonight, but I did get a request from Richard asking me to send my readers over to his blog for assistance in identifying a bunch of sparrows. We both agree that these birds look like House Sparrows, but decided a few more opinion/votes couldn't hurt. So if you get a chance, click on Richard's name above for the link to his blog and post your vote in his comments section.

And while you're there, be sure to scroll down the page to enjoy the wonderful pictures Richard took of a fat gray squirrel napping in one of his backyard trees. If those photos don't make you smile, nothing will!

Have a good evening everyone and thanks for your help.


Richard said...

Thanks Ruthie for the help. Everyone seems to agree with us that it's the Common House Sparrow. Can't believe it isn't on the list of common birds of Mn. Maybe I'll get credit for first

Mary said...

I'm late - House Sparrow...