Sunday, January 20, 2008

Top 10 Things To Do Indoors

Here's my list of Top 10 List of "Things To Do Indoors on a Sub-Zero January Day":

1. Polish some silver

2. Check for e-mail

3. Watch the birds

4. Wash some clothes

5. Shred those old tax papers

6. Watch a squirrel

7. Post a blog

8. Take a nap with the dog

9. Watch a movie

10. Keep the fireplace stoked

Hope you're keeping warm too!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Ruthie. I have been doing odds and ends today too. Laundry being one of those ends. Never ending I should say. How do 2 people create such piles of laundry?? Neither of us are clothes horses.

There was a fox squirrel that came to our feeders today. We usually get gray squirrels. It must be the cold that drove it here.

I am also writing ideas in my garden journal. This time of year I am always "creating" in my journal. It doesn't cost anything and the imagination can soar. :)

Keep warm.

Ruth said...

My eldest daughter cajoled me into going on a trail today (in the sheltered woods!) It was -14 with a windchill of -25C but the walk was good and we kept warm. It is not a day for open spaces though.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

It wasn't below zero here, but it was plenty cold. I spent some of my morning counting birds for Project FeederWatch. I blogged about it too. I know that you also count birds. What a great thing to do on a cold day!

--Robin (Bumblebee)

Mary said...


You kept busy! I had a similar weekend - a little snow yesterday that iced up overnight - 8 loads of laundry (includes blankets, etc.), watching birds, cleaning, watching birds, a little cooking, watching birds. Low twenties isn't nearly as cold but I wore that parka!

Stay warm,

mon@rch said...

Wonderful list and boy have those temps been cold! Looks like many wonderful things to do when its so cold!

Meggie said...

I did lots of similar things... lots of laundry, watched the birds, took a nap and kept the fire going. I sent you an email and would like your opinion on two birds I saw today. Your silver is lovely!

Jayne said...

What a productive day you had! I had to REfill my cup feeders three times yesterday as the eating frenzy continues. Keep warm.... brrrrrr.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lisa,
I have the same laundry problem here! Obviously something is going on in that hamper that's causing the dirties to reproduce themselves!
Good news about your fox squirrel! I saw some nice chubby ones when I was out deer hunting, but have never had them in my yard.

Hi Ruth,
Glad that you got out for a walk despite the cold weather. The sun is warm where you can stay out of the wind.
When it's this cold, my walks consist of hiking around the yard to fill birdfeeders.

Hi Robin,
Congratulations on being part of Project FeederWatch. It's a great winter activity!

Hi Mare,
Those weekends are just not long enough are they?
I'm glad you found some time for the birds in between all the other chores!
I imagine Chloe and Bella aren't liking the cold and icy weather too much are they?

Hi Mon@rch,
I never run out of things to do when I'm at home. My spousal unit, on the other hand, is going stir crazy. Perhaps I should teach him how to do laundry or some other useful household chores....

Hi Meggie,
Sometimes it's nice to have an indoor day, isn't it? At least the sun was out.

Hi Jayne,
When it's really cold like this, I fill the groundfeeder trays a couple times a day too. I wouldn't say the birds are dependent on my feeders, but it's nice to be able to help them out and make their search for food a little easier. Sounds like you're doing the same for your birds! Good job.

Deb said...

I for one am happy that #10 was not on my list of things to do this weekend!

April said...

It seems like 10 fun things to do, except maybe washing clothes. I like the action shot of the squirrel and your sweet puppy.

Larry said...

I had Netflix for a while and loved it.-I was able to rent odd movies that you can't find at the video store.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
I think of you whenever I'm bringing in wood and how much work it is for you--especially when it was your only heat source. I'm glad you have the other heater now too.

Hi April,
I was lucky with the squirrel--he decided to leap while I was pushing the button. I was lucky with Sophie too--she's scared of the camera but was still half asleep and didn't realize I was taking her picture!

Hi Larry,
I have gotten some interesting movies from Netflix. I like it that you can get movies from cable channels too (since we don't have cable at our house).

Cathy said...

I loved this post. And so go the days of our lives; all the fun, boring, challenging, entertaining things we do as we wait for Spring.

I'd forgotten about that movie. Thanks for reminding me I'm always looking for Netflix ideas.

Anonymous said...

Just read your top ten list...

... a part of me just died.

In conclusion: