Saturday, January 19, 2008

Coldest Day of the Year

It's been forecasted and today's the day--our coldest day of the year. A high of about -5 degrees is predicted for today (the record for today is -32 degrees, so I'm happy we won't be breaking any records anyway). It's a beautiful sunny day which gives us a psychological boost when it's this cold. And as any good northern outdoorswoman will tell's not the cold, it's the windchill! Thankfully it's not very windy today, but we are still in a windchill advisory with windchills down in the -20 to -35 degree range. The key to staying warm in temps like this is layering and minimizing exposed skin. Thankfully I've got plenty of warm clothes, but I did see one incredibly stupid doofus at the grocery store last night wearing flip-flops and shorts! Let's hope his car didn't break down on the way home and he had to walk anywhere!

Even when it's this cold, the heated birdbath still works, so my little birdies can get a drink in the dry, cold conditions. They instinctively know that it's too cold for bathing today, but they do appreciate a nice drink.
I filled all my feeders and put out new suet for the woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees. I did find this evidence that one of my hawks will survive another few days, unfortunately it cost me a cardinal. Oh well, I still have many more cardinals than hawks and maybe next time the hawk will catch a slow sparrow instead.
This little downy found a sunny spot to enjoy a peanut feast before the bluejays arrived.
Looks like the pheasant has already stopped by this morning too.
And here's what I'll be enjoying for most of my day.....that is if I can get the dogs to move over enough on the couch for me to sit too.


Anonymous said...

I like the last pic the best. A roaring fire, animals to sit next to me, a cup of coffee, a good book to read. Well this sounds nice doesn't it, but I don't have a fireplace. I do the next best thing, a down throw, a kitty on my lap, a cup of coffee and the good book "T is for Trespass" by Sue Grafton" now I got it made. There is one catch I have to vacuum a little first and maybe dust some, then I can sit and enjoy myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm working today and hoping my car will start at 5:15. I backed into the parking spot so the motor will be easier to access if I need a "jump". Feeders and baths got filled this AM before I left. Sure wish I still had my fireplace on days like today!! There were deer in the backyard last night, probably looking for something to snack on :)
Your sissy

Marsha said...

Cold here too, -17 when we woke up! My heated birdbath is actually a old heated dog dish and it looks to be crusted over on the top this am...Yikes, I will have to get out there and break the ice as the blue jays are already letting me know that it is frozen.

I'm so sad you lost a cardinal...

Enjoy the warm fire today...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

After seeing your thermometer I won't complain about our cold day. It is cold here and the sun is out to fool us into thinking it is warmer. Now that fire place is very inviting on a day like today.

Mary said...

Oh, Ruthie. I haven't felt cold like that since 2003 in Delaware. The wind chill was 15 below. We had a house in Maryland back in the 80's with aluminum siding and the extreme cold would make it crack all night. Ughhhh.

Tip: When it gets under freezing here, I wear my daughter's swimming parka when I go out to fill the feeders or work around the pond. It's the warmest piece of clothing I own. She might want it back one day! Go to the Speedo website!

Stay warm. Dogs radiate heat, so keep them close :o)

Meggie said...

Hey Ruthie: We're expecting the frigid temps tomorrow (Sunday) in the Pgh area. I put weather stipping around the door and stacked the firewood. I, too, will be burning a nice warm stove to keep warm and cozy. I also have a good book....what more could one ask for?

Jayne said...

Brrrrrr Ruthie. Just as I was feeling frozen, I got to your last photo... ahhhh. My tootsies feel warm again. Stay bundled up! :c)

RuthieJ said...

Hey Mom,
Did you finish that book yesterday? By the time I got 3/4 done, I couldn't put it down...a pretty exciting ending!

Hi Sissy,
My deer aren't visiting the backyard anymore, so the bunnies and squirrels get to eat all the corn I put out now. Did you have fun at work yesterday?

Hi Marsha,
Those dog water dishes work pretty good too.

I counted 17 cardinals last evening for Project Feederwatch, so they're still doing OK despite losing one from their ranks.

Hi Lisa,
Isn't it amazing how much nicer it seems with the sun out? Between the sun coming in the windows and the fireplace, my furnace didn't run at all yesterday afternoon (I'm hoping for the same today).

Hi Mare,
We have vinyl siding, but the house still cracks when it's this cold. Kinda scary when it wakes you up in the middle of the night!

I'm glad you've got Gina's good warm can't neglect those birdies--especially when it's cold!

When I go to bed, I'm in the middle of the "dog sandwich"....they keep me nice and toasty!

Hi Meggie,
When we get bad weather here, I know all of my eastern friends will be getting it the next day. Stay warm! I think by the end of the week temps are predicted to moderate.

Hi Jayne,
I saw the pictures of snow in Atlanta on the Nightly News last night. That was just too weird! I hope you're staying warm too.

mon@rch said...

It has been soo cold the past few days! last night we were 4 degrees F! Brr