Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

I was over at Lisa's Greenbow Gardens blog this morning and learned about Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, which was started by Carol at the May Dreams Gardens blog. Although I consider myself a much better birder than gardener, these garden blogs are inspiration for me to continue to work on my gardening skills--if nothing else to improve the opportunities for birds and butterflies in my backyard.

Needless to say, there's nothing blooming in my backyard in the middle of January in Minnesota, but I do have a couple of pretty bloomers inside the house. It's interesting to note that both of these plants I'm about to show were given to me by my dad and they're quite old.

Here's my lovely Christmas cactus which actually bloomed at Christmas this year. It has a few blossoms left.

I have had this Christmas cactus since we got married and got our own place in 1979! I think Dad gave it to me as a little cutting and I've managed to keep it growing ever since. If I remember correctly, his plant may have been one that he got from his mom also (is that right, Dad?)

Here are some of the blossoms on my jade plant downstairs.

This is a huge jade plant and once the danger of frost is past, it lives outside in the backyard all summer.

The history of this plant is that Dad started it over 50 years ago in the classroom of his first teaching job in Chicago. I was amazed the first time I had it bloom after bringing it inside from its summer outdoors. I had no idea jade plants bloomed. I love this big jade plant (and so does my cat who tries to climb in the pot every fall when I bring it indoors).


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wow Ruthie that is a Jade plant what am a Jade plant. I bet it is a trial to haul that brute in and out of the house. Oh yes, that is what we have husbands for. tee hee.

Thanks for linking me about the bloom day. With success with your cactus and jade plant makes you a good gardener already. I haven't had a plant near that long, ever.

Carol said...

RuthieJ, you are quite the gardener and I love that your plants have a history and are passalongs. Those are the best kinds.

I also have never seen a jade plant bloom, quite amazing!

Thanks for joining us for bloom day, I hope you'll make it a monthly habit!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Meggie said...

Your plants are lovely, Ruth, but your stories are even better. My father died when I was 11 years old and I envy your relationship. It seems like a very special one.

Beth said...

What lovely pictures. I've never seen a jade plant bloom--I wonder if it's because it lives outside in the summer? I had a big one like that that came with my house--I guess it was too big for the old owners to move and one cold winter night we brought our bunny in the house and he chewed through the big beautiful jade plant---Timmmmmber---- we were all sad, but these things happen.

Trixie said...

Lovely blooming plants. Sigh.....I wish I could get stuff to bloom and grow in here. Our indoor temps are a wee bit erratic.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a Christmas cactus and a jade plant also but Charlie (the cat, not our nephew!) ate them. He hated plants and flowers so much. What a wierd cat. Your sissy

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lisa,
That jade plant IS a bruiser to haul in and out. I used to be able to do it myself, but it's grown too tall and my arms aren't long enough to grab the pot and pick it up anymore. It's almost getting too wide to even maneuver through the patio door anymore.

Hi Carol,
I enjoyed being part of your bloom day. I'll have to mark my calendar to try and remember the 15th each month. I really enjoy my plants and have had pretty good luck with succulents. I would like to try others, but haven't got the room to put them as Kitty loves to munch on them so most of my plants have to be up high somewhere.

Oh Meggie, I'm sorry to hear about you losing your dad at such a young age. That must have been pretty hard for you.

Hi Beth,
The flowers on the jade plant are really tiny compared to the size of the plant.
I didn't know bunnies liked them--I'll have to keep a more watchful eye on it next summer while it's outside because some of the cottontails in my backyard are getting big enough to get up in that pot!

Hi Trixie,
This winter we're keeping the house in the low 60's. I would love to have some orchids, but it's just too darn chilly here too. I just have the hardy & easy to grow plants: spider plants, ivy, succulents, etc. and they all do OK with my indoor climate.

Hi Sissy,
Well, I'm sure Penny would chew on the Christmas cactus too if she could get at it and I'll agree with you....Charlie was kind of an odd cat!

Jennifer said...

I've had a jade for years (well... actually it is at my mom's) and it has never bloomed. That is SO cool. I have a snake plant that blooms every year. SOOO fragrant!

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

Ooooooh. I have a bad case of jade plant envy. The garden center I go to most often used to have a very old jade plant that bloomed like this. It was for sale, but I didn't dare buy it because I was afraid of disturbing its happy environment and being the death of it.

--Robin (Bumblebee)

Mary said...

Back in 1977, I gave some good friends of ours a jade plant as a housewarming gift. One year ago, the original died. It grew to an amazing size and there are probably a few hundred offspring growing around Maryland right now. But it never bloomed! I never knew Jade Plants bloom!

That's a beautiful one you have, Ruthie.