Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Siskins Allowed!

I got up from the chair and glanced out the window and was surprised to see a Pine Siskin on one of the Nyjer feeders right on the deck. I grabbed the camera, but before I could get it focused, Ms. Goldfinch With An Attitude decided that feeder wasn't big enough for the both of them. Silly goldfinches--there's more than enough food out there for everyone! No wonder I never see those Pine Siskins!


Anonymous said...

Ruth that gold finch sure has an attitude, I think the siskin isn't going to stay. I'm glad you had one today, our fall birds are coming in already.

Did you see any deer today?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

My goodness, you have pine siskins already. That really sounds like winter to me since we ususally only get them during winter.

Mary said...

LOL! Ruthie, yes, they all have attitudes :o) That's a great view. Looking forward to fall birds... Sick of pigeons!

KGMom said...

Love that open beak. You could do bird dialogue the way Mary does!

Jayne said...

I just put by 3lb thistle feeder back out yesterday and so the battle will begin. Last year, I had so many goldfinch, I could not keep it filled. The few siskins I had held their own. :c)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mom,
I've been watching for siskins since Lynne saw so many up at Hasty Brook last week.
Rick saw 1 deer (I didn't go out)

Hi Lisa,
Some years I get lot of Siskins and others hardly any. Last year I only had a few, so maybe this year there will be more since I've already started seeing them.

Hi Mary,
I'm looking forward to fall too. There are lots of birds migrating right now--I hear them peeping overhead when I'm out early in the morning (4 AM) to fill my feeders before work.

Hi Donna,
That open beak was a surprise when I got into Photoshop! You can just tell she's mad, can't you?

Hi Jayne,
I think between my 3 finch feeders, they're eating about 2 lbs a day now. Hopefully more siskins will arrive soon so there's a better presence to battle those selfish goldfinches!

cindy said...

Ruthie, check out the Hawk Ridge website. They had over 22,000 hawks counted there today, Sept. 15, Monday! Amazing! We are headed up there this weekend. I love this time of year! No winter sparrows, yet.

RuthieJ said...

Oh Cindy, now I'm really torn......I was planning to head to Necedah to see whooping cranes, but I've never been to Hawk Ridge either.....and it's supposed to be a really nice weekend!

Kathy said...

Pine siskins will eat from your hand - they are famously people-friendly. Love the rose-breasted grosbeaks photo in the slide show ad want to know what the black butterfly is! You are a wonderful photographer!

roentarre said...

Fantastic capture with an interesting twist

Meggie said...

I didn't realize that gold finches could be such bullies. You need a referee at that feeder.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Kathy,
I never get many siskins, but maybe this is the year I can try to have the eat out of my hand. They're sure cute.
The black butterfly is a Red-Spotted Purple. The picture in my slide show was taken at Forestville State Park in Fillmore County, but I saw many this summer and even a few in my yard.

Thank you Roentarre!

LOL Meggie.....and there's like 12 feeding ports on that feeder and the goldfinch and siskin were the only 2 birds using it

Shellmo said...

Funny how such a cheery bird can turn ruthless!

Marsha said...

How fun you captured "attitude"! The pine siskins are here too but I have not noticed any problems with them sharing feeders with the goldfinches. The two foot tall feeder often has both species eating together on it.