Thursday, September 25, 2008

Old Dog Learns a New Trick

Remember a couple weeks ago when I was so frustrated with my inability to upload videos to my blog? I asked for help in my comments and Larry from The Brownstone Birding Blog mentioned that he was having good luck using Windows Movie Maker. So this afternoon, after searching my hard drive and finding out that I do indeed have this program on my computer, I did a little bit of experimenting. Results are shown below:

Now hopefully I'll remember what I did for next time!

Thanks Larry!


Lynne said...

That's so cool Ruthie! Those little guys were sure moving along.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't think those coons knew you were there. I have always wondered how you upload videos. You did a good job.

Debbie said...

Great job, Ruthie! I have also been wanting to add some videos, so I guess I'll need to look for this program.

The little raccoons are so cute

Jayne said...

Yay Ruthie! You figured it out all by yourself! What a great view from up there. :c)

Shellmo said...

I loved watching these little guys meander about!

Marsha said...

Yikes, how high up are you? Cute little guys in the woods rather than our gardens.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lynne,
I tried making some noises and that didn't even stop them....they were on a mission to get somewhere!

Hi Lisa,
I don't think they ever noticed me either. I was wondering where their mom was though.

Hi Debbie,
It's a pretty easy program to use. I like that you can put in titles and credits.

Thanks Jayne. The beginning of a new video revolution for me, I think!

Hi Shelley,
They are sure fun to watch in the woods. I don't know if you heard it or not, but if you listen real close, you can hear them "talking" to one another.

Hi Marsha,
I think this particular stand is at least 15 feet up. I forgot my safety vest that day, so I spent most of the time just sitting still.

Susan Gets Native said...

Huh? What video? You dope.

*Just kidding....good job. tee hee*

Larry said...

You're welcome-I was just as clueles an frustrated as you were about the video problems.-Glad you straightened it out.

Meggie said...

Cute coons! Good job, old dog!

Mary said...

What? You're posting too much for me to keep up!!!!!!!

Cute little coons :o) Little gluttens :o/