Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time's Running Out!

Only a few hours left for you to place your bid on my hand-knitted Foliage Hat being auctioned off to help Kristy defray the costs of delivering over 800 hand-knitted hats to orphans in the Ukraine. The bid was raised to $27.50 just this afternoon by Cindie in Ohio (a brand new visitor to my blog!) Welcome to my blog Cindie and thanks for your bid.

Mr. Johnson and I are heading out to the woods this afternoon to put up one more deerstand and check the trail camera to see if we got any pictures of a legendary "12-point buck" that's being seen in the area where our bowhunting season opens this Saturday.

I'll be checking in later this evening to see who I'm going to be sending the Foliage Hat to in tomorrow's mail.

8:14 PM - The Foliage Hat goes to Cindie in Ohio with her winning bid of $27.50. Thanks Cindie and to everyone else who participated in the first "knitting for a cause" fund-raising auction on my blog. (Cindie, I already have your address and will get the hat sent out to you tomorrow.)


Jayne said...

So glad the inaugural auction went so well Ruthie! :c)

Cindie U. said...

Hooray!! I'll take a picture in my new hat and send it! You have my email...tell me how you'd like me to pay.

Trixie said...

Congrats to Cindie! That is a lovely hat. I wanted to bid, but too broke right now. Thanks for doing this, as always, Ruthie, your work is lovely.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Jayne, I was very pleased with the results too and am filled with all sorts of ideas for future auction offerings. Stay tuned!

Hi Cindie,
You'll find a note in your e-mail at work tomorrow morning!

That's OK Trixie, you already made your contribution to the HatQuest by knitting hats and telling me about Kristy's project too.